Libra Monthly Horoscope for August 2021

Libra Monthly Horoscope for August 2021

This August for Libra will be prosperous and happy because you will have the power to change everything you want. The most important thing will be spirituality, health, and work. The lucky numbers for August: 2-3-4-11-12-13-20-21-30-31.

With the Sun and Mercury in Leo for a good part of the month, your sky is clear and your exchanges are facilitated. On the other hand, Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius support and expand your projects. For some people, Pluto will still cause some difficult tensions or resignations, but, in general, it is a beautiful month of August that awaits you, especially since from the 16th, Venus passes through your sign and positively emphasizes your love life, your finances, and your social life: the charming planet makes you very attractive and you will not stop taking advantage of it in one way or another.libra monthly horoscope for august 2021

The Sun and Mercury in Leo until the 22nd favor friendly encounters and exchanges. From the 16th, Venus enters your sign and adorns you with a certain charm, you will have the opportunity, during the second half of the month, to seduce whoever you want: to strengthen your love relationship, to establish a new meeting on solid foundations, to please your colleagues, to impress your superior, to amaze your friends: so many possibilities are offered thanks to your Christianity and your good humor.

In love, everything will go very well and you will feel happy. You will remain the same as last month. Your relationship with your partner is not a cause for concern for you. If you have a partner, you will be in love. If you are single, August will be the month of love. Any meeting or party is the opportunity for you to meet someone special, with whom you fall in love and live a beautiful story; If not, you will have a couple of fun sporadic relationships.

Until the 16th, Venus invites you to take a step back from her emotional situation. It is time to examine the good and the bad of your relationship to take the necessary measures, to distinguish the superficial from the deep, to decide if you are opting for a true commitment or if it is a simple adventure. This time of reflection is precious before you embark on a new cycle of emotional life knowingly. From the 16th, Venus will be in your sign (until September 10), enhancing your charm and power of seduction.

Social Life
The social life will be through your friends forever, but it will also increase your list of friends, through your spiritual activities, since you will meet people to your way of seeing life and living it. You will participate in activities with this entire sector of new people. This will help your economy improve and your love life as well.

Work will go well for you because the planetary movement will change direction in the middle of the month and small changes will take place, which will be a world in your work life. That job change will appear, which you want; or that opportunity to ascend, that you have been waiting for a long time; or that business proposal you dreamed of.

Your business, whether self-employed or employed, is becoming more structured. Mars helps you work a lot, sometimes in the shade, but always with good profitability. At the end of the month, you will be in charge of everything that concerns trade and business.

But during the rest, you will be even more discreet, using your energy and talent to lay the foundation for a career that is constantly asserting itself. You will be willful and creative, sometimes a bit rebellious, but not enough to overshadow your rise. If you’re unemployed, make appointments after the 16th – your charm should then work with potential employers.

Money and Luck
With money, you keep improving. It won’t go bad for you, but everything will move slowly this month. If you practice and work spirituality, your economy will improve. Everything will flow more easily and it suits you. The first two weeks of August are favorable for savings or sound investments. From the 16th, your desires are awakened and you must be careful not to succumb too easily to impulsive purchases.

As for resources, your charm should help you considerably to receive a promotion or a bonus at the end of the month, your courage and your initiatives will pay off. Mars, located in Virgo, encourages you to come up with smart and discreet strategies to advance your pawns and do great business around the start of the school year. If you resist luxury and greed, you should go through the month without major worries, perhaps even with some pleasant surprises.

Your health will be fine and you will have the energy to do whatever you want. You will take care of yourself, rest and be careful with the diet. August is a dangerous month due to excess food, refreshments, and holidays. The practice of Taichi, Yoga, Meditation, will be crucial in your health because they will help you maintain balance and serenity.

You will find a lot of pleasure in friendly outings, such as hiking, alfresco dining, or street performances. At home, barbecues and team games will make you have a good time. It is also a good time to (re) discover cultural activities that you have missed a lot. Check the calendar in your area: surely there are very interesting getaways scheduled.

Family and Friends
Your home will be cheerful and happy. Your children, if you have them, will be fine, living the summer or Christmas, playing and having a good time. Your parents and the rest of the family will be fine too, so you can dedicate yourself to yourself.

Quiet month in terms of study, because you are on vacation. You will take the opportunity to read beautiful love novels and those books, which you have pending.

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