Libra Monthly Horoscope for December 2020

Libra Monthly Horoscope for December 2020

This December for Libra will be changeable and problematic. The most important thing will be health, family, and money. The lucky numbers for December: 1-9-10-11-12-13-17-18-27-28.

The steady rhythm of the day will include trips, joint parties, or film screenings. And while entertainment will not be lacking, it will be more important for you to spend the afternoons alone with your loved one. December will remain in your memory for a long time, thanks to Zodiacal Libra, Taurus, or Scorpio.libra monthly horoscope for december 2020

The nervous atmosphere will accompany you at home, so you are welcome to use your diplomatic skills to ease the tension. Someone close to you will start to seriously doubt your feelings towards her, so try hard to show how important she is to you and how much you love her.

At the end of the month, around the 26th month, a flow of expectations will flow through you. Your senders will be both a supervisor at work and your other half. You are seriously beginning to wonder if you can cope with all of this and if these requirements suit your capabilities.

If you are in a relationship or married, your relationship will continue at the same rate, until the 20th. Afterward, arguments and disagreements could arise. It is not worth arguing just during the Christmas holidays. Let it roll!. If you are single, you could have several sporadic relationships of very short duration. If you are looking for true love, you will have to wait for the year 2021.

Social Life
Your social life will be active. With all the business and friends’ meals, which take place before Christmas, you are going to swell to eat and socialize. You love that. It makes you feel happy. The sad part will be that some of your friends will have problems and you will have to help them. These are bad times and we have to support each other.

December will be a very busy month and you will notice it in your company or where you work. Your bosses and co-workers could have problems and you will have to help them. Don’t let it get to you. These are times, they run. Let’s see what happens in spring.

You will do very well financially. You will earn more money and you will feel splendid. Above all, you will spend on yourself. You will buy a lot of clothes and accessories. What makes you happy. You love money and being able to spend whatever you want.

Family and Friends
December will be a difficult month, for your home and your family. From the outset, you are going to have a lot of breakdowns because of the solar eclipse on the 14th: computers, cars, electrical appliances, mobiles … A disaster! On the other hand, your family will be restless, changing, evolving, stirring. The financial problems, their dissatisfaction, and desire to change their image, will appear and you will be a little upset. Whatever happens, the Christmas Parties will have to be lived and you will have to decorate your home and organize lunches and dinners and meetings… Go ahead!

You will continue with regular health. You will feel tired, you have to take care of yourself because your energies are low and you feel exhausted. You can only take vitamins and rest. Try to prioritize and disconnect as much as you can. You’re going to end the year like this. 2021 will be kinder to your health and you will come back. It would be good for you to do guided meditations, to feel balanced and better. There are many on YouTube.

If you are a student you will feel disoriented and discouraged, due to the instability and the way of studying that you currently have. The study plan and the organization of the centers will make you consider your studies. You could drop some subjects or change your study center or change your career.

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