Libra Monthly Horoscope for January 2021

Libra Monthly Horoscope for January 2021

This January for Libra will be troublesome. The most important thing will be health, love, social life, family, and money. The lucky numbers for January: 4-5-6-7-14-15-23-24.

Elegant, beautiful, charming, no prey can escape him. Libra is insecure and changeable. He needs the other almost desperately, and that is his weak point. With the Sun transiting Capricorn, the axis of January will be home, his house, and his family. The main challenge will have to do with his personal balance so that responsibilities do not affect his intimate life and his relationship with the couple.libra monthly horoscope january 2021

The transition from Mars to Scorpio accentuates the feeling of emotional insecurity, the need for shelter and protection, and, in turn, a certain excess of demands on his partner. The strong point will be Venus in Sagittarius most of the month, who brings you an energy of mental reflection with a more optimistic and freer approach. She will also have greater confidence to resolve difficult situations and continue to move forward in the relationship. She must take care of the conflicts in the home and think about possible solutions. There are.

The beginning of the year 2021 will surprise them willing to travel and the time will be propitious for them to enjoy some pleasant vocations that allow them to recharge their energies, the presence of Mars in Case III until the middle of the month will make them able to express themselves firmly and conviction. I swim to look good with God and with the devil. This time, they will take sides and defend their position. During the second fortnight, the domestic plane could become the scene of disputes and aggressions and, however, in love everything will be fine.

If you are in a relationship or married, your relationship is going to go bad. You will argue so much that sparks will come out. Your partner will be very worried about money, which will put him in a very bad mood. Try to attract him with romance, to change his ideas and relax. If you are single, you will have several sporadic relationships with a lot of love, fun, and romance. Have a good time!

The astral energy of the planet Venus will give you the flight and tranquility that you will need during the month to, in a certain way, relax and live love more freely. Your emotions will be on the surface, you will need to listen more to your heart and be guided by impulses. Effective harmony needs to lose its balance to be more authentic. If you live together or if you are alone, it will be the same, because the challenge will have to focus yes or yes on taking a reflective but active position.

In January Libra will have countless opportunities to connect with the opposite gender. With her Cancer lover, things will be very clear and that will provide them with experiences of intense pleasure. The situation with Leo who feels rejected or, at least, misunderstood will not be the same. Libra would do well to engage in a sincere dialogue that makes her true feelings clear. The encounter with her soulmate will surprise them both. Without intending it, much less looking for it, they will understand that an enviable romance has been brewing and that the moment of the definition has arrived.

Social Life
You should try to make your social life more active than usual. When one is depressed or feeling bad, the best thing is to go out, laugh, have fun, for the simple fact, that everything is seen from another perspective when you are happy and endorphins are high.

January will be a very busy month and you will notice it in the amount of work you will have and all the changes that will occur. That will not be a problem for you, because you will be prepared for what may come your way. It does not work that worries you. You are always willing to face problems, but you know how to solve them very well.

January is an ideal month to take a vacation. Since, with the Sun in Capricorn, your attention will be on home and family, you will give less importance to the office and business. The responsibility and the need for money and financial support for personal matters will weigh on you. If you don’t manage your emotions, they could play tricks on you. On the other hand, if you work from home, you may experience homework delays or other inconveniences.

Money and Luck
Economically you will be better than you expect. You will end the month better than how you started it. As the month progresses, your income will increase and you will receive income from two different sources. Which will make you feel immensely happy.

Family and Friends
January will be a month in which many things will happen in your home and for your family. Try to eliminate bad taste in mouth and resentment of things, which have been said between family members and forgive. You will have to take care of everyone and solve everything, otherwise, nothing will work well. You need your home to be in harmony for you to find your emotional balance.

You will continue with regular health. You will feel tired and nervous because of the unpleasant discussions, that you have lived during the Holidays. You could fall into a little depression. You are very affected by all the problems that revolve around the family. Your energies will be very low. Take advantage of the weekends, rest as much as you can, and regain your strength.

If you are a student, you will feel motivated to study hard and get good grades. You are not willing to let the Covid and its restrictions affect you. You will be able to focus and have fun at the same time. You will get ahead!

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