Libra Monthly Horoscope for May 2021

Libra Monthly Horoscope for May 2021

You start the month in a frustrating environment, with Saturn-induced limitations that slow the pace. Fortunately, if the weather continues to be a little austere, Venus will be there to clarify the situation, raise the debates and lead to pleasant, very comforting surprises. Your friendly ruling planet will allow you to build or strengthen your relationships, endowing you with charm, seduction but also solid reflections. Lean on your desire to raise the professional, family, or personal level to broaden your horizons and end the month much better than you started it.

This month of May for Libra will be very changeable and unstable. The most important thing will be work, money, and health. The lucky numbers for May: 3-4-12-13-14-15-22-23-30-31.libra monthly horoscope for may 2021

In love, this month will go well for you. If you are married or with a partner, everything will flow and you will get along very well, without setbacks. If you are single, you will most likely continue alone, because you will not go out too much and you will not find anyone, who catches your attention.

Great time for those who intend to woo a person they have known for a short time or a long time. With the new trine of Venus that starts on May 10, the heart will be filled with joy and what is inside will be able to come out very easily. It makes no sense to stay locked up at home, but they have to go out, have fun and dare without being afraid of possible rejection whenever possible.

We are almost sure that with the support even of Mercury always in Gemini since May 5, even dialogue will be a winning weapon to attract that person you like very much. It is a pity to have Mars in Cancer, therefore in the square, which does not allow you to be at the maximum of seductive power but with words and gestures, without a doubt, you will be able to seduce the one or the one that interests you so much. For singles also the possibility of being courted by an unsuspected person while those who are in a relationship live a very serene period.

Social Life
Regarding social life, despite the situation, you will want to go out, you just won’t have many opportunities to socialize. And it is not recommended that you go out too much or take the car because you could suffer an accident. Travel is not recommended either. Leave them for later.

The most important thing in your life will continue to be your profession. New job offers will appear. Stay tuned, to be able to respond immediately, that they appear. If you are already working, they could propose to change your job, within the same company.

Finally a more productive moment at work thanks to the support of Mercury and without forgetting Jupiter in Aquarius. Mercury in Gemini and later also Venus in the same zodiac sign will allow you to take advantage of some professional opportunities that will come and will be particularly suitable to reinforce your current professional situation.

You cannot fight too much, you must not tire yourself excessively because of that annoying square Mars but act with caution, move one step at a time, and at the end of May, you will obtain interesting successes and rewards. Looking for a good job helps and the middle of the month is absolutely suitable for interviewing and submitting your resume. You must believe now that everything is possible because, with Jupiter that gives opportunities and Saturn that allows you to accept responsibility, you are absolutely winning people who should not be underestimated.

Money and Luck
With the money you will remain the same, that is, you will continue to earn the same, but you and the whole family will be affected by the lunar eclipse on the 26th and you will have to make restrictions and changes in your economy. Unforeseen events will make you spend more than other months and that will alarm you and make you change your way of managing yourself. You will realize the need to be more thrifty, to have money available, for future unforeseen expenses. Especially those who live from day today.

Having a period and a month like this doesn’t happen often. The small planet of lucky events is Venus, along with the great planet of luck, that is, Jupiter, plus Sun since the end of the month and Mercury since May 5. The second half is excellent for all sectors but in terms of your psychophysical well-being, your physical form, you simply should not exaggerate with vices such as food, alcohol, smoke because Jupiter expands what it touches and if you are not careful you might find some disease not easy then to solve.

Travel can be really useful to strengthen that goose that you have reached or are about to reach, but remember that this Mars gets very tired and you have to conserve your energy and a good level of creativity for the future that still offers beautiful excellent moments. occasions. From next month you will be more cheerful and daring again and you will be able to have fun and smile even more.

Family and Friends
The family is fine, but a little affected by the eclipse of the 26th. You should try, that the members of your family, stay at home and drive carefully. They could have accidents. It is not a good time to travel, they should lead a life as calm and sedentary as possible, at least 1 week before the eclipse and 6 days after.

This month you will continue to improve your health. You will feel stronger and more energetic and this will cheer you up. The eclipse of the 26th will occur right in your healthy house, so you will have to be careful with the car, to avoid accidents; Also watch where you step because you could suffer small household accidents.

The beginning of the year has slowed you down, but Jupiter comes to make you want to push your limits. This is no reason to risk jumping into strenuous physical activities without warming up, start small, and prefer gentle methods like yoga to top-level competition. You will also be very interested in cooking and here you will also have to moderate yourself to avoid a liver attack. Your favorite hobbies will revolve around meeting new people and socializing. You will return to being the social animal that you were and you will take advantage of your good form to see your friends again or make new ones.

If you are a student, it will be regular. The lunar eclipse on the 26th will affect you directly and your studies will be disturbed. Your study center will be affected in some way, by some kind of mishap and that will make you rethink your studies or change your study center. It will affect your grades or grades.

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