Libra Monthly Horoscope for May 2017

Libra Horoscope May 2017 and its predictions

This month of May Libra the most important will be the rethinking and changes you will make in different fields of your life.

Lucky numbers May 2017: 4,5,16,19,23,28

The most important thing will be the intensity with which you have to live the personal relationships during this stage and everything that is at stake because of it. It is time to contrast your personal strength and your capacity for initiative, but not only on an individual level, but for your power to call or draw alliances. Think about how you can improve in these areas and if you can convert energies found in cooperation options.

As for health, avoid testing and go for it safe. This way you will avoid changing eating habits, falling into diets, exercises or habits that, at this stage, could be easily mistaken. Between what your mind says and what your body says you could feel differences. Try to harmonize and do nothing that can lead to chaos. Some trends that, on the other hand, could also happen in the workplace or in your daily obligations.

Libra love May 2017

Love will be passionate. You will feel a love and an overwhelming passion. Your libido will be very high, so you will express your feelings in bed. You will feel the need to change the way you live the relationship, so you will make a rethink of it. A trip together would help you to unite more. If you are single, you could fall in love with a foreigner.

Libra work May 2017

At work you are going to continue well, without problems, but you are going to rethink certain changes about it.

You will want to renew and change some things and you will carry them out. They will be very correct modifications.

Pound money May 2017

Money will be fine, but your partner will go even better and help you. You should pay attention to all the banking operations you do, because you could make a mistake that could cause problems or delays.

Libra Home and Family May 2017

At home well. There will be no changes this month, but there will be chances to travel. Travel abroad will attract you especially. It would not hurt to make one. It would give you another perspective on your life and your family would be happy to do it.

Libra Health May 2017

Health will be good and you will feel better and stronger every day. You can count on your energies and do all the activities that you want. It will be a very spiritual month and with many existential ramblings of personal transformation. Good time to start a slimming diet, if that’s what you want, to lose weight.

Libra social life and friends May 2017

Libra will have a normal social life and you will go out as usual with your friends.

You will not miss any good opportunities to change your life.

Libra studies May 2017

If you are a student you will feel very concentrated and wanting to get very good grades. If you are a university student, you will be clear about what you want to do and everything will work out as you want.

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