Libra this December 2019 | Monthly Horoscope

Libra this December 2019 | Monthly Horoscope

This month of December for Libra will be very happy. The most important thing will be family, love, money. Lucky numbers for Libra in December: 1-2-8-9-11-12-17-18-19-20-28-29.

In love, you will be very well because you will agree on how to take the house and your life. If you are single, you are attracted to important people. You are attracted to power and money. Without realizing it, you go after them because you like to be given away and given surprises. It is your way of being and right now, even more.libra december 2019 monthly horoscope

Social Life
Social life will be very active and you will have to help friends with problems. You are very good at this. You know how to listen to people and give them good advice.

Work and in your profession look great. Everything flows and you will feel safe when you have everything under control. It is not silly, to control everything, they give you peace of mind and you stress less.

Money and Luck
The money will be great for you this month! It is a time of prosperity, which you should take advantage of, but it is also a good time, to make the necessary readjustments, to control your expenses well and not be shot at. It would not be bad, that you will take advantage of the best moments of the Fiestas, to make a good provision of expenses and start the year 2020 with more control and security.

Family and Friends
Your home and your family will be the center of your life this Christmas. You will be much happier than you have been all year. You will feel the obligation to solve their lives, organize Christmas, buy gifts and decorate the house for the Holidays. The family environment improves, the family increases and there is more desire to share.

Health will be your weak point. You will have a lot of work and stress, which will affect your health. Learn to prioritize and delegate, if you can do it and you will see how you take a lot of stress off of it. The important thing is that you keep your balance, that you get enough rest and that you take your time, to plan your work. You will work quieter knowing that you have everything under control.

If you are a student it will be regular. You will not feel very comfortable with what you are studying and you will consider changing careers or subjects or study centers.