Libra This Week Horoscope 31st December 2018 to 6th January 2019

Libra This Week Horoscope 31st December 2018 to 6th January 2019

Your occupations in recent weeks have often been confined to a morose routine, far from the swirls observed outside. The entrance of Mars in front of you sign the return of a beautiful dynamism in your life and the emergence of the relational aspect in your various projects. You feel more determined than ever to face the complexities of existence.

It’s a good time to sign a contract, work or marriage, to start a business in good conditions of survival, to work as a team on a concrete project and embellished with a good vision. Moreover, luck accompanies you: you currently have the power to change the very structure of your occupations.libra this week 31 dec 6 jan 2019

Your emotional life will be a big issue this week. Indeed, the effect of Venus matching the transit of Saturn will confront you with significant questions about your future in the very long term. You will be in tune with your deep needs, leaving aside some short-term satisfactions. Take the time to weigh everything before making a final decision.

Work and Career
You lack the entrepreneurial spirit this week. New projects are blazing around and you feel in a very different dynamic. The relationship climate becomes clearer however and you will have the facilities to build new knowledge that will turn out to be very constructive afterwards. You will have more facilities to work independently this week, without having to bear the weight of the hierarchy.

Money and Luck
Your finances will follow a regular course, this last week of the year 2018. The influx of Venus brings a calming of financial flows. They will be less rapid and especially less unforeseen to you. If you are in a commercial trade, luck is with you to get good orders; you sow the good grain for the month of March. The family, siblings will be good advice regarding real estate transactions and changes.

Your form is mixed early in the week. It is on the moral plane that you will experience some oscillations, because your mind is particularly effervescent. Your questioning pushes you to extremes in this area. You have a very positive impact of Venus that promotes convalescence, mental relaxation, especially from Wednesday. Listen to the signals of your metabolism, to move forward on a regular basis, especially when it comes to feeling your muscular limits.

By Mary Emma

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