Libra Today Horoscope Friday 26th May 2017

Libra Today Horoscope Predictions Friday 26th May 2017

Although Jupiter is still retrograde in transit by your sign Libra that will not be an obstacle to prevent you know a person that will positively change your life imparting that touch of freshness that revitalizes and rejoices.

In these coming days of May and in the first of June, as this astral cycle is developed, relationships, both sentimental and other, will be consolidated. You will know very well what to do, how to do it and in what sense to channel your life so that love, is what you always wanted it to be and prime in your existential reality.

Sentimental withdrawal? Find that loved one and share it with her. You are enveloped in a captivating tone and passion surrounds you, no matter what has happened you can always rectify mistakes and make a leap towards happiness, and that is what is happening now with you.

Remember, libranus, that the kidneys are your high points and therefore you must increase the intake of healthy foods, drinks that do not contain harmful artificial substances and create a healthy rhythm of life to compensate for any unexpected situation that arises.

The work area remains very active in your life which is great because at this time you need to channel your energy in one direction and not try to do many things simultaneously. The work you have in front of you is innovative and you can demonstrate your talent in everything you do.

If you need money do not worry because soon there will be a very favorable economic movement that may well be associated with purchases, sales or similar businesses, and even in touches of fortune in chance because now you are very inspired under the effect of the new moon.

Your Libra Horoscope today, 26 May 2017

Yours day: it is time to act! Note: 3/5

Your charm is sharply rising, you feel an attack to meet all the emotional challenges. Beat yourself by beating, you will cause all your victims to fall like flies. Simply slam your fingers.

You will distance yourself from your business. Now is the time for projects. You will want to change the air and plan a radical change of course. Tired, more psychic than physical.

Your Astrology
This Friday is ideal to undertake a small trip that you put back for too long! Do not try to persuade some people, and let your detractors say before they exhaust you morally.

Your Day in Stars

  • Mood
    Your friendly affairs give you a hard time … Complete them once and for all, it’s the only solution!
  • Love
    Your creativity will allow you to improve your daily life, do not doubt your decision-making skills, you are in the right.
  • Money
    You will ask yourself the right questions about money. Your sense of rightness will help you.
  • Job
    You will find a fertile track, it is the time to prospect, to look for interesting contacts.

And your Decan in all this?
The moon is in Taurus, in position 22 degrees, 11 minutes: Material and affective life is more stable, laziness linked to habits, memory and grudges.
First decan: Born between 23 September and 03 October

The moon influences your thoughts and prompts you to consider your situation lucidly. Do not exaggerate either and do not push your introspection until the isolation. Relations with others are not only theoretical, it is necessary to maintain his friends: a mail, a phone call …

Second decan: Born between 04 October to 14 October

You do not find the climate very friendly and tend to feel somewhat isolated. Rather than maintaining your pet dependency, take care of yourself and your health: make the appointments you have postponed, decide to do some regular exercise, count the calories.

Third decan: Born between 15 October to 23 October

You are preparing, in relative solitude, to shine with all your elegance in the days to come. This small break allows you to refine your strategies in a calm and common sense, do not hesitate to ask advice from your loved ones, too happy to be useful.

Here is your horoscope of Friday, May 26, 2017

It depends on you to make peace and make things cooler with those you love. The future looks better and everything should be more harmonious.

Your professionalism and sense of commitment make you loved in your work environment. Continue to want to defend certain values ​​that bring you a certain balance and make you be respected by others.

Your lucky number: 26
Your color of the day: orange
The best time of the day: 13h

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