Libra Today Horoscope Monday 15th May 2017

Libra Today Horoscope Daily Predictions Monday 15th May 2017

Libra Horoscope for Today Monday May 15, 2017

It’s time for great business opportunities, a friend with Earth sign will help you in this project. To win is to make own something that was not previously in the hands, and reap abundance in all areas: material and spiritual, otherwise there is no gain and over time the treasured collapses due to lack of solid foundations. Be honest with your friends, the reward will soon come to light. As for the responsibilities it will be good to start delegating before they exceed their possibilities. Although natives who are alone in this period will be angry with life for not finding the ideal person they are looking for.
Libra Horoscope Today of 05/15/2017

You have to take action at work, you are letting others decide for you and you are not paying attention to the requirements that have been made, cease to be absent in this plane and begin to strive.

You are taking too many attributes in your relationship and you are starting to decide everything for the person you love, it is likely that this attitude is wreaking havoc on the love you feel for you, do not let jealousy make you control who you love, Nor do you ask him to be all the time available for you, you could end up losing the person you want.

This is your Monday, Libra! They love you for what you are not what you look like. If that person comes to you dazzled only by what you have from the material point of view, you know that it is not convenient for a serious relationship because when you can not help or do not have the ideal economic level would leave your side. Fortunately there are very good people turning around, and if you are single or single and do not let dazzle by words, but observe the facts, then you will not err. If you are looking for adventures, without anything serious or compromising, you will find them in those types of people who are looking for you to “spend a little time”. Do not get ill with them or them.

The Moon continues to travel by the sign of Capricorn and the planets Jupiter, Saturn, and the planetoid Pluto continue retrograde. You will know to differentiate what is good for you and separate it from what damages you, you will be able to recover the heart of that person who left you and in doing so you will feel reborn because in this new stage you will remove from your life the mistakes made in the past, You will feel fulfilled and fulfilled.

The health problems that are associated with the kidneys that are your sensitive organs require more care than other times, especially if you notice that you are going too much to urinate or you are very thirsty. These are symptoms that you should discuss with your doctor when you visit.

Get ready for a new job situation that will benefit you significantly as they will be putting their eyes on you to give you a new responsibility. If you prepare properly it will be very successful and will guarantee that you go ahead in everything that you are doing now. There is a good working wave in your Libran horoscope.

If you are thinking about an investment or considering a loan, it is important that you be patient because in a few days the planet Jupiter, which is retrograde in your Libran sign, will return to be direct and then you will have the expedited and paved way to get what you need.

Do not distrust so much of the person you are meeting a short time ago, it is likely to be someone very good and you are letting the fears of the past get in the way of something that may be potentially very good in the future.
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