Libra Today Horoscope Saturday 13th May 2017

Libra Today Horoscope Daily Predictions Saturday 13th May 2017

Take advantage of the planetary conjuncture that gives you the transit of the Moon by a sign very compatible with you. Your sentimental interests are accentuated and soon you will recover what you thought had been away from your life forever, you will realize that it is not so. Prepare a suitable file if you are looking for a job and have an appointment or important job interview at the beginning of next week. There is a propensity to act impulsively on this day. You can experience everything, but do not play with your money because the momentary impulses could cost you dearly if you release with one hand what is entering you on the other.

At this point you can make hasty and wrong decisions about your finances or business. Be cautious. Beware of discussions at work and at home for money or shopping. Many times life teaches us to grow and to seek our true path, other times we do not see the teachings that appear in our path.

A love of youth could return today, to remind you of the essential and important of life, enjoy this moment.

You expect good news about something you postulated, but it might not be what you expect, keep trying.

Your family cares about you, do not turn your back on them and make them a surprise visit today, it will be a good time together.

It is always good to be aware of the things that we are achieving, but only these are achievements that go unnoticed and that in the end they are empty, since you do not give yourself the opportunity to smile thanks to them.

You do not know that person who is trying to get close to you, but that is not a reason to reject him so soon, better consider his intentions, if you feel they are good, then do not give him a negative.

Try to grow in every test that presents life. Today avoid falling into the trap of unscrupulous people, be careful with your words and writings. Remember to be cautious throughout the day on almost any topic. A day to take it with all calmness and caution … Your natural warmth and sensitivity will be gifts that must be used to sustain your relationship.

The Moon is in transit through the Sagittarius sign and the planets Jupiter, Saturn and the planetoid Pluto are still retrograde. If you have slipped in the past, or the person with you did it, it is important to recognize them as it is the best way to overcome them and do not judge yourself too strongly because we all miss, and we also have the option to amend our stumbles and bad Decisions.

Pain in the back? It is possible that the discomforts you are having these days are due to an inadequate position at bedtime and not to other major complications that you might be dreading. Check your mattress and your pillows, maybe there is the cause of the problem.

A stage of unforeseen events is approaching from the next workweek. Possibly when you are preparing to go home you should stay longer in your job and finish something pending.

Always look to the future, but without losing of perspective the current reality of your present. The right balance between what you have and what you can have is what will make the difference between scarcity and abundance, libranus.

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