Libra Today Horoscope Thursday 25th May 2017

Libra Today Horoscope Predictions Thursday 25th May 2017

Do not let yourself be trampled by others. Today you have to be the leader. You must express your opinion so that people know what you think. Put a little fire in your day to generate energy and encourage things a little. If you exercise your power as it should, instead of wasting it indiscriminately, you will experience a profound internal transformation.

This is a Thursday of new perspectives within your reality in which you will discover many things directly or indirectly, Libra. If you have a stable partner, a good relationship with a friend, or neighbor, do not let it spoil by paying attention to murmurings or not devote the quality of time they require. The planetary transits that are affecting your horoscope favor the projects in the long term, possibly propose a job change that you should consider, but before you compromise, analyze the advantages and disadvantages well, do not act in an extemporaneous way.

If you have a relationship and there were difficulties, now tranquility arises again because you find the precise words to happily solve the confusing issues that may have arisen between you and that person.

The Horoscope of the day of Libra 24 May 2017

You will not assume the consequences of your actions!

Today, you will not want to trigger a love earthquake. With your way of thinking, you can not be the epicenter. For you, it is totally inconceivable. Yet, because of the opposition Sun-Lilith, you’re going to be the detonator that will blow everything up. In the end, friend Balance, you will pass for the coward of the zodiac.

  • In a relationship with
    Arrange to cultivate the positive attitude and to hunt parasites that poison your love nest, like a solar dissonance for example. Do the great cleaning of spring. And, with full-bodied planetary ingredients, you will have no alternative but to squeeze your buttocks as it passes. Oil of elbow to be envisaged!
  • Single
    With the opposition Sun-Moon Black, difficult to escape from stress and conflict, especially if your seduction conditions are rather difficult to implement. Be careful, because you could be trapped by forcing you to recognize a child that may not be yours … You will have understood, it will be the day of all dangers!

All day long, you can try to unravel an overly scabrous professional story in which you have set yourself. Friend Balance, the Sun will ally with the Black Moon to cause you a mountain of worries.

  • Finances
    With your pennies and, especially your expenses, you can put your head in the sand. You will mimic the posture of a famous animal. Because of the Black Sun-Moon opposition, you can spend countless to scratch gambling.
  • Friends
    Officially, you will be happy to have friends. Unofficially, you will be ashamed to frequent some of them. But you will not dare say it.

Under the presence of the Black Moon, you will not put the doubles in more to achieve a beautiful family symbiosis. The disorder will settle.

Because of the passage of the Black Moon, your body will no longer be able to bind the spirit to the tone. This will make you excessively soft!

If you are exhausted by your daily work you will be able to revitalize yourself when you plan this weekend in a pleasant place, far from the daily routine. Consider a mini vacation as soon as your obligations allow and have time to do so.

This is not the time for a drastic change in employment. Wait a little, in a few days you will have propitious occasions in which you will find better opportunities than the present, if you are looking for another occupation or channel your energy in a different direction.

You have in your hands the tools to make more money, but it will depend on you to give them good use and do not skimp when making important investments.

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