Libra Today Horoscope Tuesday 9th May 2017

Libra Today Horoscope Predictions Tuesday 9th May 2017

If you are studying you will notice a lack of interest in the chosen career, this is momentary, try not to lose the place gained and wait before making drastic decisions. This is no good time to change jobs, start a new relationship or move. I waited. It is very necessary daily introspection, meditation. So that the ego ceases to dominate every situation that presents itself, does not pretend not to notice it, must learn to be aware of its failed acts, and try to solve with more efficiency and positive energies the disadvantages newspapers. Try to use more intuition and with the passing of the days you will receive very valuable life lessons. The biggest health problems will appear in the digestive system, these will give them more of a scare.

During this astral period there are some interesting changes in your work and family world that will force you to take new paths and options. Fortunately your optimistic and positive way of seeing life will help you find the right words to tell that loved one what to listen to. A short trip will give results and in a short time you will be receiving the fruits of your effort. Do not be impatient, your happy moment is already knocking at your doors. You will forget a disappointment and you will follow your path in the right way.

This Tuesday the Moon is in transit by the sign of Libra moving to Scorpio. The planets Jupiter, Saturn and the planetoid Pluto are retrograde. Do not be impatient that you should not speed up any sentimental situation because if you get too insistent you could cause fears in the person you care and drive them away from your side doing things that would scare you emotionally.

Sad moments will haunt the life of Libra, so you should prepare to raise your spirits the way you know.

It is likely that you have forgotten that each person is unique in the world and you do not have to think that you are one more of the pile because essentially there is no such pile? Of which many speak forgetting how special each person is with their virtues and defects.

Scorpio begins to emerge from the shell, so if you still live with your parents or if you are thinking of taking a trip away, this is the stage to decide to take the leap.

If a loved one has left recently, it is likely that the family is going through a sensitive period, if you can give support to the people you want do not hesitate to do so.

If you are looking for work, you need to start looking in the right place, you are taking the wrong path and that is why you can not find something to do.

There is a very subtle dividing line between positive thinking and lack of perspective in reality. If you are suffering from a serious health problem you should consult your specialist, that does not imply lack of confidence in your possibilities.

If you need extra money accept what is offered with much optimism and enthusiasm, remember what I have always said “you do not need to wait for things to go well to get enthusiastic but enthusiastic to go well.”

If an inner intuition you can not explain induces you to buy something seemingly unhelpful, but with a future value, do not miss the opportunity because you are in a positive cycle for long-term business and perspective. Your Libran sign is under a strong astral influence that you must properly define.
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