Libra Weekly Horoscope 11th to 17th January 2021

Libra Weekly Horoscope 11th to 17th January 2021

Libra (born between September 23 and October 22): On Monday the 11th, don’t be in a hurry to find only the beautiful, everywhere; also within you the pros and cons come together and you must learn to soften them to shine in harmony, more and more. On Tuesday the 12th, you have many projects, but you must pay attention to which is the one that catches your attention the most; since that is what you must dedicate yourself completely, without letting yourself be distracted by others. In this way, at the end of the day, you will feel comfortable with yourself and with your environment.

On Wednesday the 13th, you will have great vitality to deal with postponed matters of importance in economic matters. Your sympathy and tranquility will do the rest so that everything is favorable and very beneficial. On Thursday 14, your vitality and strength will help you to carry out everything planned, starting with the most important. And so little by little you can finish everything you had in mind, calmly. Friday the 15th is a time to put your dreams into practice. And give yourself that vacation, to give you what you deserve and take care of yourself, as you normally do with others. Go where your heart takes you.libra weekly horoscope 11th to 17th january 2021

On Saturday the 16th, your enthusiasm, and personal appreciation will make you feel better than ever today. Your perception will be heightened and you will be able to capture the emotions of others; which will help you to help them. And Sunday the 17th is a day to take stock of your life and family stability. The most important thing is that you make a new scale of values to feel comfortable this year.
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Blockages and brakes will emerge if you do not release a little ballast. Your methods, as wonderful as they are, are not universal, and it is high time to test those of others, more classic, less fun, but probably profitable if you can adapt.

This week of January 11, your heightened emotions make you soupy or, conversely, too rigid. However, do not deny your sensitivity, which remains a useful radar. This sky energizes you but it can also make you forget the virtues of temperance, there are nuances to bring in your interventions. Your relationships are energized, take the opportunity to share couple activities, and thus strengthen what can be.

Alas, this sky promises some hard battles where adversity is unwilling to give you gifts. Fight foot to foot but do not try to force your way because you will quickly get stuck in your entrenchments. Progress slowly but surely towards your goals, without making too many waves which could unleash the wrath of the envious.

The sky turns to stand still and you risk rushing in the stretchers more often than your turn. You still have strengths in communication, commerce, loves, and relationships in general, do not spoil everything with a stubbornness that can become ridiculous in addition to being sterile.

Money and Luck
Although you don’t have a particular money problem, you are very thrifty. You count and recount your money to check that no penny is missing. You check all the expenses even if it means asking questions. Unfortunately, this behavior will play tricks on you by creating endless conflicts. If you want to avoid finding yourself alone with your bank card, put a strain on your financial rigidity.

The planets are jostling and jostling you. You feel like you’re on the grill all the time and dealing with everything all the time. This roller coaster version of the astral landscape keeps you going and could tire you out. You may run out of breath, try to relativize the challenges that are offered to you, and do not take any cookie-cutter decisions.

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