Libra Weekly Horoscope 11th to 17th May 2020

Libra Weekly Horoscope 11th to 17th May 2020

Your lively and light mind is enriched by the art of seduction of Mercury. In this state of mind, it will be difficult to resist your charm. During this period, your exchanges are particularly facilitated. If you want your love to take a step further, now is the time to make your ideas and wishes come true. Offer outings, entertainment. Guaranteed success!

The influence of the powerful Mars, the planet of war and action, will charge your battery to the maximum and will make you have no fear when it comes to facing all the challenges that lie ahead. So do not get carried away by your habitual indecision, trying tirelessly to find the best option or the middle point, and act without wasting time.

Pleasure and desire will be your watchwords! Forward for joy, shared, and in good company, please! Your couple works on the tips of your respective fingers, you purr together like two cats in love and curled up on the same sofa! Your answering machine could be triggered often this week, indeed you will be all in your love story. Do you measure how lucky you are?

The planets will all be aligned for your loves, especially for people of the last decan! If you are in a relationship, the osmosis will be perfect with your partner. The term that symbolizes your week will also be “together”: you will share moments in pairs and you will be present for each other. You will be connected. If you are single, you will have the chance to meet a person, with whom you will have the possibility of creating something if you wish.

You are very efficient and you are full of ingenious ideas. Your creativity seduces your professional entourage eager for novelty and novelty. So it’s a perfect week to show off and show off your most personal talents. The sky reinforces this happy trend by increasing your ambitions and emphasizing your charisma.

These energies herald great moments. In this light and sparkling state of mind, your loves will regain that momentum that they have been lacking for some time. You have carte blanche to express your ideas and make them happen. Treat yourself and please. This will give new life to your loves that need this alertness to thrive.

Money and Luck
As of this week of May 11, you are once again starting to take advantage of larger finances, except that persistent concerns are forcing your doubts. If you have plans, don’t rush, take your time, before acting hastily, your finances must increase. There is no reason why your long-term effectiveness should not bring you complete satisfaction. Channel your energies focused on your goals.

This week, money is at the heart of your thoughts, especially for Virgo ascendants, which prevents you from being serene. You fear that you will run out, and that makes you very anxious. You are thrifty and save, limit a little too much. However, thanks to your ability to manage your budget intelligently, your financial situation is doing quite well, even without being extraordinary. Don’t worry so much about the money. This is not the only criterion of happiness, take advantage of your other sources of joy!

Family and Friends
This week, when your brother announced his marriage to you, everyone noticed the happiness that radiated from your face. Ready to go all night with the lovebirds, you have decided to invest yourself fully in its organization. Form alliances to bachelor parties or music management, they are happy to know that they can count on your support and advice. Be careful, for loved ones as for the kings of the day, everything happens as in a dream, so enjoy every second!

Why not laugh this week? Indeed, laughter is a fabulous tool to learn to let go of stress or worries and thus improve your mental strength and your love of life. Your vitality could increase thanks to the beneficial effects of feeling good about yourself. Health and a whole that requires you to have a global vision of your lifestyle.

You are under pressure and so tense that it affects your mental and physical condition. Stress affects your sleep and your diet. With the planet Mercury, a representative figure of spirituality, you will be pushed to find methods to relax and free yourself from negative thoughts that block you. Yoga and meditation will be avenues you can turn to. If you prefer something more dynamic, take up a sporting activity.

Little by little, some of the issues that have had you very concerned in recent weeks begin to be resolved. But, yes, don’t expect miracles either. It is only the beginning. It will still take you a little more time to fully recover from the crisis we are going through and recover your normal life. But it is only a matter of time.

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