Libra Weekly Horoscope for 12th February to 18th February 2018

Libra Weekly Horoscope for 12th February to 18th February 2018

With the passage of the sun in a trine, you calm your ardor and you continue quietly what you started by relying on your intuition and staying on track. You benefit from this change of pace to get closer to your loved ones and give them more time and listening.

It’s a good time to put on your blue cordon apron and gather your loved ones around a good meal. Use your talents to build bridges between the present and your ambitions. Social contacts are excellent, associations will be possible and very promising as long as you do not skip the steps.libra weekly horoscope 12 february to 18 february 2018

It will be nice to let go this week, to fully enjoy the emotional chance that will arise. If you are single, this week will be very positive and rich in opportunities for exciting encounters, and strong instructive.

The places of entertainment will succeed you fully. Do not stay in your bubble and start discovering new discoveries. The impulses of Venus show you the best way to follow, that of escape.

Your serenity is combined with your firmness of direction, in your professional life. You better control external events and relational turmoil to turn them to your advantage.

Your tactics will be a shock asset to advance your goals. The end of days will not be a luxury to relax. The aspects of Venus and Mercury will generate favorable circumstances for the recognition of your talents.

Your financial efforts in recent months are starting to pay off this week of February 12th. More largesse and financial facilities are announced, but also movements and you will only need them.

Indeed, the influx of Venus allows you to see more clearly the traps to avoid to keep your financial balance, your view is clear for the next three months.

This week is highly positive at the fitness level. Indeed, you are going to free yourself from the influences of Uranus, which undermined your mental energy and channeled it too easily in dark or too abrupt ideas. Which, moreover, did not resemble your fundamental nature.

The stars shelter you from the big fits of fatigue, you are protected. Keep an eye on your liver and avoid fats and positively compensate for your potential weaknesses this week.

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