Libra Weekly Horoscope 13th to 19th January 2020

Libra Weekly Horoscope 13th to 19th January 2020

Reality seems very disappointing to you, there is a chasm between your desires and your field of action, suddenly, you look at everyone with suspicion, with the feeling that nobody appreciates you, and you lose your enthusiasm for your projects.

However, you just have to adjust your aspirations to the real conditions, maybe aim a little lower to find the energy you need.libra weekly horoscope 13th to 19th january 2020

You are spending this week devising a plan to get closer to a person or to resolve a romantic conflict. You no longer have a limit, you are determined to say what you have to say whether you like it or not. The week is hectic, your feelings are turned upside down, you have trouble reacting calmly. If things are not going your way, put things in perspective to find peace.

Week in halftone but full of flavor! Progress reaches out to you through a superior, an associate or a client, it would not be wise to refuse. Ask yourself the right questions to make the right decisions. What do you still like about your work? What would you like to change or even revolutionize? Do you have dreams? Put your modesty aside for once and get started, it’s your moment of glory!

It is not by dropping the case that you will evolve: adapt to the circumstances, even if a priori, they do not correspond to what you hoped for. If you go to excess, rebellion, laziness or casualness, you may find yourself even more frustrated so do bad luck with a good heart!

Money and Luck
A touch of wisdom is announced. This second week of January you inaugurate a change of plan of consciousness, you open yourself to a bright vision of money, you understand that it is necessary to have it but not at any cost! Life could give you opportunities to grow, to change your consumption pattern and therefore to spend differently. Support this unusual process, but one that brings you new energy boosted by a brand new look!

Good form comes first of all through a complete overhaul of your way of managing daily life and the concerns that go with it. In an emergency, you need to find a way to fight nervousness, and then if you snack between meals, change your habits, make balanced and varied meals, because small cravings make you fat. To support you in these dietary changes, your entourage is united.

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