Libra Weekly Horoscope 14th to 20th September 2020

Libra Weekly Horoscope 14th to 20th September 2020

Libra (born between September 23 and October 22): Monday, 14, is a special day to feel closer and understand the people with whom you live or closest to you. Your enthusiasm and compassion will help you with all this. On Tuesday 15, it will be easier to reach agreements, with generosity, with close people and close friends. And with the couple, in particular, you must reach joint consensus, because this will facilitate your day-to-day life and coexistence.

The 16th is a perfect day to dedicate to yourself and your activities, whether they are playful and/or relaxing. It is important to have someone like you and this will make everything more fun. On Thursday, you can enjoy nature, art, and small idyllic moments, which will be unique, because your sensitivity will capture them and you will feel more full.libra weekly horoscope 14th to 20th september 2020

Friday the 18th is an important day to appreciate the person who has accompanied you, and who has been by your side for years. Your advice and presence are always important. If you know how to appreciate it as it deserves, all that immense affection will also return to you. On the weekend; Saturday is a day for you to let your imagination fly and capture what arises from your creative inspiration and Sunday is a day to plan your new projects and goals.
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This week in Libra love, you will use reason to choose well the person you want by your side, who mainly has to be active and follow you in your plans and personal concerns, otherwise, the relationship will not go very far.

On the other hand, towards the middle of the week, you may have to face some love problems, caused, above all, by your determination to pursue perfection. If you have your attention focused on what you lack, you can never enjoy what you have.

Some natives of the sign may even have to seek the help of an expert in couples to be able to overcome certain conflictive situations in which they are stuck.

About the workplace, the main thing this week will be to act prudently and prevent the steps you will have to take. It will also be essential that you set limits concerning your professional colleagues, or your energies will go to solving the problems of others.

Towards the middle of the week, even if you have the feeling of having everything under control, you will see that it will not be easy for things to go the way you want. You will find obstacles wherever you go, be it people or situations.

However, towards the end of the week, things will get back on track and you will be rewarded for your effort. For this, it will be essential that you choose well with whom to associate, or who to beat you so that their company and trust favor you.

Regarding your health, although this week will be good in general, you should pay attention above all to food and physical activity. These two pillars of health will be your workhorse.

You cannot let laziness prevent you from being disciplined and following healthy life guidelines, otherwise, the consequences for your health will be important, even if you are not able to see it now.

On the other hand, on a mental level, it will be a fairly stable week, except for one day when you will feel low spirited, the rest, you will be quite close to reaching the balance that those of your sign seek so much.

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