Libra Weekly Horoscope 15 May to 21 May 2017

Libra Weekly Horoscope Predictions 15 May to 21 May 2017

The complications in the terrain of love are approaching leaps and bounds to the life of the Librans. You have a serious and consolidated relationship, you get along with your partner and you feel affection for the person who is by your side. However, lately you are beginning to feel, and with increasing force, a great desire for freedom. You want to have more movement in your life, you want to live new and unexpected situations. Your routine bores you and your emotional relationship makes you feel bound and suffocated. The stars advise you to talk to your partner and explain your new needs.

In the economic and financial area, the people of this sign will live a week in which there will be some liberating events. For years you have maintained a partnership with a person who, besides being your partner, is your friend. Together they managed to do successful business, however, for a while things have changed and that is why during this week you will gather courage and ask you to dissolve society. Take it easy, everything will be OK.

The current aspect at stake makes communication with your love potentially very interesting. You may find that your feelings are very changeable, and that one minute you are well disposed towards them, while the next minute you want to flee in the opposite direction. Do not take it too seriously as it is just emotional time. Do what you want, and you’ll be back to normal. The more positive words you have to say to your lovemaking sound better earlier in the week. You are a disorganized and end up with a budget at the end of the week, which means that hanging out with someone will break the bank. Walking through the park would be a fun way to spend a couple of hours and get to know each other better.

You have the green light to write a new resume. If you want to make more money, change your career, or let others know you have a new ability to offer. You have all the support you could want from the Universe to catch the attention of others. Put your best foot forward. Unfinished projects are calling now. It’s a good time to reorganize your workspace or review procedures to be more effective. Invite a co-worker to go out and work out at your lunch hour. The Universe can make you feel especially energetic. This is a time to take advantage of any networking opportunity or market your products or services. Your enthusiasm may be greater than your resources.

You may be feeling very energetic by now! The planetary movement relative to its sign of this month is a robust combination of intense energies! This makes you nervous and alert at all times. Water is literally the best solution: drink plenty of water, a minimum of 8 glasses a day! Your liver will thank you for it, and you will be more emotionally balanced. Do not let it burn! You are moving through a cleansing period on all levels. Letting go of resentment and bitterness is as important as cleaning up toxins out of your body. If you have not tried a short detox diet, maybe you can make it a regular habit. You will want to pay attention to your diet for many reasons.

In the workplace, the natives of this sign will live a week in which they must face their fears. In your current job you are very comfortable, too comfortable. Your tasks are routine and you do not have challenges that encourage you to grow or learn new things. However, during the next few days you will have the opportunity to change this situation. They will offer you a job that involves a great challenge in itself, do not miss this possibility.

In the family environment the people of this sign will live a week in which many problems will arise referring to the children or to the minors who are in charge. The stars advise you not to be so permissive and start now to set clear limits that must be respected.
Color of the week: White.
Numbers of Luck: 2, 10, 25, 38, 39, 41.
Best day of the week: Friday.
Better compatibility: Gemini.

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