Libra Weekly Horoscope 18th to 24th January 2021

Libra Weekly Horoscope 18th to 24th January 2021

Libra (born between September 23 and October 22): Monday the 18th is a good day to organize an agenda so that all of you who live together can each carry out the tasks that correspond to them. If you write it on a table it will be better, and so there will be no confusion or anger. On Tuesday the 19th, your intensity, and innovation will not stop putting new plans on your agenda. And now, you have everything planned in detail so that everything turns out favorable.

On Wednesday the 20th, you will make the right decisions about important aspects of your life. Always taking into account the advice that your close friends give you. On Thursday 21st, your optimism and good disposition will help you in everything you organize, always with the peace of mind. And you will see how everything turns out positive, in this way. On Friday the 22nd, confidence will help you to give your best. And to connect with your heart when you express yourself, which will give you the security of doing everything in the best way possible. So others will perceive all your affection.libra weekly horoscope 18th to 24th january 2021

On Saturday 23rd, you will feel more optimistic today to perform heavier tasks. And you will be able to get along more effectively with close people, with whom you sometimes have some friction. And on Sunday the 24th, you can make plans with like-minded friends for these days next week; since you will have to meet to celebrate a special event and thus it will be a cause of joy for all.

Uranus has finished its retrograde cycle and is again direct and awake, generating the jolts that are required for a change to happen in our world. These changes come to transform you from the inside out, to ask you to confront your fears and insecurities so that you discover the true alchemy force that lives in you. Your resilience is put to the test.

Your love story and your relationship situation are very important topics this week. Not only because the energies in this area are changing, but also because the week is going to give you an unexpected event or twist that electrifies your story and invites you to renew your routine; from there, changes come and a new beginning that can make your heart very happy.

This week, important information is on the way and it can create some tension in your dating or nascent relationship. The key to jumping is to express what you really feel and need: without masks. This same energy can ask you to take a risk so that your creative project advances as you wish.

Libra Your Lucky Numbers for this Week

With Saturn in trine to the sun, authority, responsibility, seriousness,, and rigor become natural. Your creativity can be expressed within a defined framework and obstacles are overcome with increased energy. You grow up, you settle into a more stable and more balanced life.

This week you do not have time to fall asleep on your laurels, your loves do not wait. To be credible with those around you and to meet their expectations, you have to make efforts. You resist, it’s very encouraging, as soon as it affects feelings you are capable of a lot of things. You bring proof of love to the people you love.

You have a few days to calmly examine your strategies, combining exact calculations,, and very sure instinct. This happy influence should make you evolve at high speed and bring you great satisfaction. It’s a great time to get noticed by your hierarchy who recognizes your courage and tenacity.

This is the opportunity to stabilize or build the family, the couple,, or to make profitable some of your assets. Saturn also helps to strengthen family ties or with people known in the past. It’s a good time to develop long-term plans and make some important decisions.

Money and Luck
Luck seems to smile on you with activities that can earn you money to bolster your income. You manage your affairs and your accounts fairly well. To be able to remedy the vagaries of everyday life, you are cunning by finding quick solutions. If you have the opportunity to defer payments, you do so without hesitation. The week of January 18 is good, you have the situation in hand.

Find an outlet that allows you to release the pressure, if practicing a sports activity is not part of your desires, bet on an artistic hobby. You feel a lack of energy, opt for relaxation of body and mind. Physically this week is full of ups and downs, but mentally you are strong. What makes all the difference is that you don’t let go.

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