Libra Weekly Horoscope for 19th February to 25th February 2018

Libra Weekly Horoscope for 19th February to 25th February 2018

You benefit from a relative calm that allows you to establish independence, a friendly and socio-professional rich life. Excellent decisions are made! You are sensitive to a sudden condition and feelings. The ideal would be to enjoy a great popularity, some success, without falling into the trap of abuse.

You continue to progress in your goals and you are particularly disciplined. Mars sextile opens many doors and raises your ambitions. You are full of creativity and intuition, you write, chat or deliberate with a lot of talent. You are also more determined and tenacious than usual, which benefits you.libra weekly horoscope 19th to 25th february 2018

Choices begin to make their time come. You will find yourself confronted with situations that will require a stronger affirmation of your values, your hopes and your projects.

Your entourage cannot help but accept your impulses. It is not excluded that you lack diplomacy! It is expected to increase your attraction to sensuality and your libido. These moments of passion are an excellent antidote to heal from the past.

The tempo of your professional activities does not decline this week. Despite your efforts in recent weeks, you cannot help but persevere in your efforts. The climate pushes you especially to act in full light, in all frankness.

You will have the audacity to face people who, even if they have more power than you, will not intimidate you. Service will be necessary, but it will reassure you about your abilities.

Money and Luck
Your relations with the material goods will be more direct, more concrete, this week of February 19th. The influx of Mercury in Symbolic House XII will make you live in situations that are conducive to finalizing situations that make you lose money unnecessarily.

You will know how to close some faucets and reorient your budget to the best of your most important goals. Venus will be of great help to help you detect any abuse you may have.

Your energy is excellent from the beginning of the week. You continue on a good start, indeed, it is your morale that will recharge your nerve batteries.

You are both more zen and more reactive, which may suggest that you are in good health. But watch out for food abuse! This is also your optimism and your carelessness that can be the source of some inconvenience.

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