Libra Weekly Horoscope 1st October to 7th October 2018

Libra Weekly Horoscope 1st October to 7th October 2018

Happy Birthday ! With the arrival of the sun in your birth sign, as usual, you are not afraid to invest yourself without counting. You face your obligations and you accomplish positive things. But in this anniversary month, it would be good to give up some pressure and enjoy life.

So, take advantage of your planning skills to organize a party in your honor. Launch the invitations and gather around you your many acquaintances or your most intimate friends. If you want to celebrate the event head-to-head, plan an evening where the romantic side will be present!


Difficult to keep your feet on the ground in the circumstances that you will live this week in your love life. If you are single, you may not know what decisions to make. You will have several options of fate in front of you, but above all, moments of total carefree to enjoy without restraint before making a radical choice. These choices are not favored for this week. You must go through moments of intense tasting of your success, your influence is facilitated.

Venus will have a direct impact on your professional life. Indeed, you will not let chance and external events lead your boat to your place! You will spontaneously have more personal initiatives as part of your job. Which, depending on your current situation, can change a lot of things, or just increase sales, results.

Money and Luck
You will have a deeper insight into your financial life, which will cause you to be sparing in your expenses. Your need to see your wool stocking increase gives you more wisdom and reason in the face of spending temptations. Investments are favorable, especially abroad, or if they are linked to foreign trade. Expect impromptu housekeeping expenses related to appliance maintenance.

It is the need to build that will give you your most constructive impetus, this week of October 1st. The essential in theory, will be to spare you to hold on the duration. But you feel less clearly your limits and your need for movement is awake. Your need for physical expense would be channeled positively if you dive into a real relaxation. Do not accept to help when you are really tired!