Libra Weekly Horoscope 20th to 26th June 2022

The transit of Mars in opposition makes you particularly fearless and makes you act on impulse. In this somewhat hectic atmosphere, you want above all to stand out from the others and you prefer to go it alone to achieve this.

Projects can be started, interesting ideas can be expressed, but staying on your positions and believing that everything is due to you would be a mistake. So, if you want to wow the audience without making waves, keep your feet on the ground and be a little more restrained.


Throughout this week you will have many occasions to make your wishes come true, Libra. You will initiate some things that you have dreamed of for a long time. You are in an optimal moment of health and energy, you have enough strength and you will achieve it if you have a little patience.

It will give you a lot of encouragement to see that some plans that were stagnant, begin to move forward and that make it possible to reach the objectives that you had set for yourself. At work, although you will have some competition, you will be admired for your ability with the task you perform and this means economic improvement in the future.

Of course, you would like it to be immediate, but life has its times and controls them very well. Enjoy what you have now, which is a lot and also love. If you are still free, this week an old friend could surprisingly become something more for you. It was sung, only you had not noticed.

You’ll be thinking very optimistically this week, Libra, as Mercury moves into your 9th house. You may be busy with projects related to writing or research, or you could be speaking publicly. You will also have an open mind to different cultures and types of spiritualities, or you will want to learn a new language. With the Full Moon in your 3rd house, you could be more effective in communicating, and you could make significant progress in presentations, work, video materials, or your articles. In addition, you may meet acquaintances or travel somewhere.

The sky stirs up your passions, exacerbates your desires and maintains a climate of emotional crisis which encourages you to definitively resolve the current problems, by discussing, by also listening, so that your relationship finally evolves towards more authenticity. In the meantime, you are forced to review your bases, to question yourself about the value and the depth of your feelings.

A week of June 20 a bit tense! Between outstanding payments that you are unable to honor and unexpected bills, a risk of tension is looming in your financial affairs. Do not panic if the course of events takes a turn you did not expect, such is life! Adapt as best you can to these delicate imponderables, your intimate resources are great. And if you gained confidence in yourself?

Read, take a walk in the fresh air, join a sports club instead of going around in circles, overwhelmed by the demands that constantly assail you. Some games aren’t worth it and you’ll find that the traps set for you only reveal your ability to get around them, or even turn them into advantages!

If you are looking for a job, you are in luck, you can exercise your talents in a still unknown register. Your professional qualities and your know-how can easily adapt to sectors other than your own. For those who work, the weekend is marked by a situation that you had not foreseen, we find fault with your work and you don’t like it, take it lightly.