Libra Weekly Horoscope 28th October to 3rd November 2019

Libra Weekly Horoscope 28th October to 3rd November 2019

The conflicts of power will be perhaps the beasts of this week still difficult (2nd decan): lower the pace of your claims, abuse diplomacy, avoid conflicts and sometimes make the round back! Do not give food to a potential detractor at this time when a dispute may arise or persist. Courage: Do not be fooled and look for the best middle ground!

If you have to show a little nerve, forget the complexes and say “why not?”, You will not find more suitable than a sky governed by this audacious moon in Sagittarius: it will be Wednesday and Thursday. On the other hand and from Friday to Sunday, the climate will be rather austere. This atmosphere is not likely to cheer you up and your grumpy moods or as well as your brittle reactions may well isolate you a little.libra weekly horoscope 28th october to 3rd november 2019

You have great facilities to interact with influential people who will promote your social expansion … Provided you remain bold because it will be necessary to take some risks (calculated) to seize your chance. The sky gives you the means but you must act!

You are impatient but you must take advantage of delays to obtain great benefits in your relational life in full expansion. It is by advancing slowly but surely that you will reach your goals. So, follow the tempo, bet on the warm climate to leave your home and travel a little: fulfillment and satisfaction color your daily life.

Couples: Saturn can once again make you want to assert yourself within your couple. If your partner is authoritarian, this may cause some problems. But you will arrive in any case to a very good mood.

Singles: This period will promote the crucial meeting of your existence, or in any case can bring you a sensual revelation ignored until then. You will experience an extreme intensification of all your desires, and your love quest will take you to the highest peaks of physical happiness.

The sky offers you an opening that you should exploit to prepare for the future. But it also imposes some delays and forces you to take into account the adversity always solid to the post. Your colleagues become your rivals, your superiors slow down your evolution but, on your side, you prepare the ground and clear the road as and when.

This position of Mars should be favorable to you. All of you who have experienced health problems will find the balance. You will enjoy good physical and mental resistance.

You have to stay especially receptive to the new encounters you make. This openness will help you to make good decisions. This is not the time to work alone because it is a special moment to express what you feel … You are very convincing!

Money and Luck
At home you talk about money, financial issues are topical, the developments also. You agree to provide for your loved ones provided that the money is used wisely and on that you are skeptical. Small disagreements settle, they calm down very quickly. Thanks to an unexpected amount of money, your accounts are bailing out, the opportunity to organize a surprise weekend is too good.

This period will promote interesting shopping or a relaxing trip to the distance. The Mars and Pluto stars being your allies, you will lead a pleasant life by being generous with those you love.

You have the opportunity to fully express your desires, you consider your loneliness with a little annoyance and the firm will to put an end to it. Prepare for difficult discussions, polemics, in short, the raging elements that you will face to please your hierarchy and enjoy anyway this week, despite bad weather.

You will not miss any motivations this week, and you will start attacking for new projects or new businesses. The chance will be on your side: propose ideas, and they will be accepted with enthusiasm.

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