Libra Weekly Horoscope From 6 to 12 March 2017

Libra Weekly Horoscope 6 to 12 March 2017

Love: A positive day for the couple, both to strengthen a relationship, declare love or recompose a link of years. A romantic escape will bring total success. Do not let yourself be influenced by others, trust your instincts.

libra weekly horoscope

The development of the soul is in your hands and in your will and courage to live in love and detachment, so that the realization of your dreams and desires come naturally. The sweetness and companionship expressed by his life partner will serve as support for all his current activities. But in the middle of the present day you will go through times of much suffering due to the great sensitivity and melancholy that provokes a certain conjunction of planets …

Health: These natives will be going through a self examination where they will look inside that sensitive and romantic being that they usually hide. Everything moves, everything is transformed into this Creative, wonderful, self-sufficient and loving Universe. Do not alter or become stubborn, that will not convince anyone and will cause health disorders. Use patience and appeal to your natural life energy to conquer life Renew health in the sick and will develop a life with great fluency and naturalness. On the other hand those who are alone will find at this time the ideal person that they will fall in love at first sight … Love is health!

Work: In the workplace everything will flow naturally and without major changes. Do not push yourself, keep a low profile and try to spend more time in nature. Those born in the first deanate who have no job will have the opportunity during this period to undertake a new activity that will have great possibilities of conquest and success. Likewise, those who are working but who have not yet achieved a desired promotion or productivity will be successful when they discover their real talent and find and choose a project for the future that really excites them. This will activate your energy and potential that will shake reality with a passion.

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