Libra Weekly Horoscope 7th May to 13th May 2018

Libra Weekly Horoscope 7th May to 13th May 2018

This week, your energy is at the rendezvous and you get involved in your various activities. You rediscover passionately your desires, you live your dashes in optimism and good mood. Great opportunities are open to you and you finally dare to move forward. On the other hand, be careful not to be too fussy with your entourage The influence of Pluto can make you excessive and impulsive.

You have trouble accepting the point of view of others. Your lack of tolerance can create visible tensions that are not to everyone’s taste. Try to pull yourself together and understand that it is precisely by being confronted with other opinions that you will be able to evolve positively. You have to know how to open up to others and know how to question yourself in order to live harmoniously.libra weekly horoscope 7th to 13th may 2018

Your love ideal drives you to advance your way of being in a more passionate, more complete sense this week. Venus encourages you to understand more clearly the aspirations of your partner, those of the other in general. You are going this week to live dialogues very frank and without having to be for that more inquisitor than usual.

Your energy is considerable this week. You will engage more willingly with others, the community and to help others. Professional opportunities for elevation are in sight. You will have to act in finesse, do not rush things.

Money and Luck
You will irresistibly want to do some crazy things, this week of May 7th. Faced with possible expenses, it is to be expected moments of weakness, on everything related to fashion. Your cash flow is positively favored by Jupiter and the Moon but imponderables can occur, plan unforeseen expenses but necessary.

You will take care of yourself in the best conditions if you agree to go out of excessive habits that do not succeed you anymore. To revise, your way of life in everyday life, to put all the assets on your side Venus, encourages you there positively. Reorganize yourself for more balance and a lifestyle that suits you better. An endurance sport combined with homeopathic beauty would be perfect this week.