Libra Weekly Horoscope 8th to 14th March 2021

Throughout the week instability is the order of the day, you no longer know how to react to disappointments. Your nerves are playing yo-yos, you are on the verge of throwing everything away. Your nervousness is having repercussions on your loved ones, it is high time to refocus on your priorities.

Trust yourself, don’t doubt your abilities. It is time to explore and start the month of March with all the positive energy possible. Now forget what is hurting you so much and open your mind to the new opportunities that life presents you. Pay close attention to the things you say or do, because many times you don’t think much about your decisions and that leads you to take the wrong path.libra weekly horoscope 8th to 14th march 2021

Libra This Week Horoscope 8th to 14th March 2021

Boost your libido and your marital harmony by taking time for yourself and your relationship! Switch off your cell phone, turn off the television, stop reading all your emails all evening long and give yourself some good times together, your duo needs it! This week of March 8, understand that your love story is essential to your balance, devote the best of your energy to it, your partner will pay you back a hundredfold!

You put in place long-term strategies that secure your back. Do not miss your chance because all the ingredients are there for you to pack and reap well-deserved laurels. Jealousy is not to be ruled out, we do not let you freely play the game you absolutely want to win.

Listen to your emotions if you feel that your nerves can fail at any time. Do not pull on the rope. Admittedly this week, you encounter some difficulties of a personal nature, but that is not why it is necessary to question everything. In order not to crack under the pressure, take a rest.

Money and Luck
What fly stung you? You are overflowing with generosity towards those around you, which is to your credit, but unfortunately, your income is not unlimited, be aware of this! You do not refuse gifts to those you love but have you considered the inevitable consequences? Take the path of financial wisdom and above all responsibility or rather serious trouble awaits you.

Relativize the struggles to which you are exposed. If you manage to take breaks and take refuge in deep water, you will conserve your resources and then you will have no trouble fending off adversity and confronting those who infuriate you or try to do so. If you want to slip through the cracks, you’ll have to repel predators with all your might.
Libra Your Lucky Numbers for this Week

Libra (born between September 23 and October 22): On the 8th, you should use “your left hand” in your ways of talking with others, and forget about frustrations because something does not go as you thought. Use your sensitive side and wrap yourself in it; it will give you better results.

On Tuesday the 9th, your assessment of yourself is very important, and you will also notice that your dreams boxed in for a long time may begin to flow surprisingly. On Wednesday the 10th, you should avoid letting yourself be carried away by the responsibilities that diminish your inner happiness. You must enjoy your contact with the different people you come across throughout the day.

On Thursday 11th, you will count on today with speed and ingenuity to achieve what you have in mind. You just have to prepare what you are going to say and how you are going to do it. On Friday the 12th, calm down, before this day in which you think that others challenge you and in which you feel faced with strange and confusing situations. Don’t personalize attitudes towards yourself, and enjoy it all.

On Saturday the 13th, you need security and confidence to be able to address the important topics that this day suggests to you. Your natural goodness will help you tremendously. And Sunday 14th, you should be an ideal day to have fun, either with others or in your favorite and/or artistic activities.

Do you remember what you started manifesting in August? You probably realized everything you had to leave behind to lighten your emotional load. And the full moon of March 8th will bring two weeks in which you will live the definitive end of everything that prevents you from rising and transcending. It is a moon in which you reap spiritual blessings, in which your good karma is aligned, and in which you discover your new ability to see beyond what is in front of you.

Take advantage of these days to prepare for a radical change in your life, close a chapter completely before jumping to another. If you have an urge to communicate something to your boyfriend, or to that person who is moving your heart, this is the right week.

If you had a break during retro Mercury or if you had a recent fight, you can take this week to talk seriously and decide what’s next for you. It is a week of reunions. Starting this week, March sets the stage for you as a couple to raise the temperature, so that you allow a new passion to come into your life and of course, your love life is very active during this period.

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