Libra Weekly Horoscope 9th November to 15th November 2020

Libra Weekly Horoscope 9th November to 15th November 2020

Libra (born between September 23 and October 22): On the 9th, Monday, the key and your strength are in originality; You can use it in all your actions or with the people you come across. Let yourself be carried away by your heart and you will receive at every moment: life, the present.

Tuesday the 10th is a day when you will deal better with women. Put your attention on body language, as it indicates everything. Your intuition will avoid the odd misunderstanding. If you put the heart as a marker, you will be able to say no inconvenience. Life is short; enjoy.libra weekly horoscope 9th to 15th november 2020

On Wednesday the 11th, you want to prepare a little trip to someplace that you love. But first, you will have to decide if you do them to rest or to enjoy “Tope”, and especially if you want to be alone or with the company. Decide with the certainty that you will choose the right thing and the best for you.

On Thursday the 12th, you should value everything that life has given you: your qualities, your beauty. You can also celebrate with joy, that you have been able to spread your love in all the places you have been and with the people you have met. On Friday the 13th, your sensitivity will be on the surface. But thanks to the good friends you have, they will be able to give you a hand to make you feel better. You really know that they are always there.

On Saturday 14, you will be able to resolve work and economic matters of main interest. You will have a lot of inspiration to know what decisions to make. You’re lucky. And Sunday is a day in which you will have to use your experience to solve certain issues that you need to settle once and for all; and they have been waiting for a long time.

Libra Your Lucky Numbers for this Week

Mars in opposition gives you a boost and challenges you. You are nervous and feel the urge to act, but you feel frustrated by what goes against your will, others, or events. The need for harmony and balance is more difficult to satisfy.

Open to change, it’s imperative. The week is promising in terms of opportunities and contacts. You take precautions to consolidate your love life, with no chance that mistakes will be repeated. A rewarding discussion with a person upsets you, you come to interesting conclusions. Your loves are on a springboard of acceleration. Expect moments of pure bliss during the weekend.

Your employees are dumbfounded by your titanic energy and your business acumen! The current situation completes this idyllic picture by promoting your communication and infusing into each of your speeches unifying energy and a contagious passion. You are constantly on the alert and be careful not to miss a chance.

You are having some difficulty using your diplomatic skills at the moment, and your relationships can get a little strained. Give yourself time to rest, to think, and you will be able to focus your energy on a positive goal.

Money and Luck
A wind of sweet madness embraces you this week of November 9! You feel yourself growing wings, re-energize to the max, you could look like a tornado! Nothing can stop you, you have no specific financial constraints, it could even be said that you no longer have any!

You must preserve your balance which has been damaged by the storms which destabilize your life. Work or urgent repairs can disturb the atmosphere at home and electrify relationships. Try to play down the conflicts and above all, avoid a nervous breakdown which would solve nothing and undermine your resources. Humor is your best advisor.

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