Libra Weekly Horoscope February 13th to February 19th, 2017

Libra Weekly Horoscope From February 13th to February 19th, 2017

Work: Great financial crossroads, you can increase your assets if you act with all the instinct clear and alert to achieve your real objectives. At the same time there will be dangers, every crossroads is an opportunity for growth or fall, take care of your work, these days there will be inconveniences with partners or superiors.

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Do not be influenced by third parties. What do I require Today and Now and I have not achieved it, nor ambition? Is it necessary to give so much power to reason? Give more credit to intuition, operate with your natural instincts throughout the week and you will see better results than just taking accounts.

Love: Banish the negative emotions of your heart, invoke the best memories in your partner to drive and strengthen an improvement in the relationship. Lovers will choose to travel as tourists to foreign countries. Very well aspected trips, transfers, changes, changes of house and in the decoration, as long as the changes are generated in pair. Moment very conducive to share new experiences, in couples of a long time as for recent and lovers in love. Know how to conquer your lover with the natural grace he possesses. It will strengthen the relationship a romantic trip. If your partner is Aquarius, enjoy sex as an absolute priority.

Health: Starting a sports activity, some that you have never practiced before can generate great satisfaction and vital health. You should pay more attention to what your digestive tract eats or will pay for. The gastric inconveniences can also correspond to nerves or stress, to keep calm try to perform some activity outdoors. The Universe has given you gifts and talents, a body and health possible and within reach of the hand, that is why you have been able to create your Present as it is, and if it is not satisfactory, you must put your hands to work to make the necessary changes That take you along a new path for your personal fulfillment, your health and physical and mental well-being.