Libra Weekly Horoscope October 21st to 27th, 2019

Libra Weekly Horoscope October 21st to 27th, 2019

You will have a hard time getting down to your material and professional worries this week! Your relationship commitments will be at the center of your concerns. Know how to maintain your good quality relationships, with dialogue, intimacy and empathy. The influence of Pluto allows you to lay a stable and solid foundation in your relationships. Think about it!

You enjoy a generous sky. If you are single, the chance invites you to take a close look at what is happening around you. It’s never too late to do it right. You do not have to fear loneliness, this sky reinforces your sensuality and assures you of success.libra weekly horoscope october 21 to 27 2019

Even if you are not asked so much, you are determined to do the best possible to meet the needs of your hierarchy. Your work is rewarded, you receive the honors. This week is marked by luck, moreover, you gain notoriety. You defend a project, we follow you in your ideas, you have carte blanche, for you, it is a very nice satisfaction.

If, this week of October 21, you are able to move mountains and nothing advances, keep calm. Stay cool and enjoy this quiet atmosphere to shine more on others, offer your help and regain self-confidence. You can very well follow your aspirations and achieve your goals while making yourself available to others.

Money and Luck
The planets make you flowers: one can hardly imagine prospects brighter than yours. They focus on your wallet, filled like a besides. Finally! Given the good news ahead, you can even think of marking the period of white stone. You will only have to savor this period of plenitude rather rare by the times.

You leave on new bases and give breath to your existence. In the meantime, go back to yours, give yourself useful stops for the necessary restructuring of your priorities and do not wait to start a restorative truce. Temporarily calm your ambitions to ask you the right questions, you will answer soon.

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