Libra Yearly Horoscope 2020 | Do not worry, in the fall you can talk more freely

Libra Yearly Horoscope 2020 | Do not worry, in the fall you can talk more freely

Born between September 23 and October 22, you are a sign of Libra.
Your sign is governed by Venus, the symbol of the eternal feminine.

God of beauty among the Romans, she was the Aphrodite of the Greeks, goddess of fertility.libra horoscope in 2020

Libra 2022 Full Yearly Horoscope
Libra 2022 Full Yearly Horoscope

The balance and finesse of your feelings make you a sociable and warm person.

You reject the most violent situations by the elegance and harmony with which you conduct your life.

These characteristics often lead you to the crafts of art but especially justice where you speak with a talent recognized by all.

The year 2020 is a year in two stages. Starting with the most difficult will help you savor the last six months of the year.

Libra, you will have to measure your remarks as well in your sentimental life as on the professional level.

Do not worry, in the fall you can talk more freely.

In January, you enjoy a boost and confidence in you tenfold! You take up space and the world seems to revolve around you: this can cause family squeaks between the 3rd and the 10th, and again between the 21st and the 25th: some feel wronged.

On the other hand, it gives you the conquering soul especially on the 9th and the 23rd: the singles go on the hunt with, around the 21st, good chances to hit the mark! But the feeling is not yet relevant.

On the contrary, you feel rather out of sync with your fellows between the 17th and the 25th, and it is above all the desire and the instinct of conquest that motivates you.

Enjoy the first ten of February, where Venus your planet, makes you look sweet.

This is a period of tasty tenderness with the beloved and your loved ones: nothing comes to disturb your understanding, and the dialogue flows spontaneously, in gaiety and complicity.

However, from the 6th, the sky darkens with the entry of Mars into the landscape, which can cause some tension at home until the 20th.

Libra, you can channel them effectively by organizing a job where everyone can express his energy at leisure!

Whether it is cleaning, storage, work, decoration, you will certainly find something to occupy your little world and bring harmony.

For the rest, until the end of the month, you persist in this domestic preoccupation: it is the general cleaning to prepare the spring.

The month of March can be that of the meeting of the soul mate if you are single or that of a celebration if you are in a relationship.

Do not trust the tensions of the first days, and do not give them too much importance. From the 12th, the fast planets succeed each other in the couple’s sector, creating a strong attraction for the opposite sex until the beginning of May.

A meeting or a major exchange could take place around the 22nd, which would lead to nice endings at the end of April. Take out your antennas: it’s a decisive month.

You have every reason to look forward to an idyllic April. Until 9 your partner holds the first place in your heart, then, until 17, you feel a passionate impulse towards your partner and throw your inhibitions over the mills …

After the 26th, a pleasant meeting or discussion from mid-March becomes a reality and ends on the 28th with a happy celebration.

Think of champagne! In May, a big blue sky for your love! The whole month is harmonious but you will particularly enjoy the week of 10 to 18, where

Venus looks at you and seduces you, perhaps under the eyes of a stranger or during a trip.

In June, relationships with your peers are harmonious until 10, but loves are not particularly prominent.

The following ten days find you unsociable or simply frustrated, disappointed by your partner’s behavior.

Do not mistrust these negative thoughts, nor do you try to talk about them, because you will criticize more than you will communicate.

All this may result after the 25 on tensions that will increase if you do not put the hang of the first signal.

Friendship is at the rendezvous and fills you in July! You will enjoy above all the first days: meetings and discussions will brighten your social life, you will feel loved and surrounded, what the people ask?

The last week consolidates an existing friendship or brings an old friend back to the stage.

This may also cause a mini-crisis of jealousy in your relationship. In August, Venus visits you between the 17th and the 25th, which is good news.

However, if you were born before the 25th, Neptune makes the ground slippery and exalts the imaginations: beware of disappointments on the 17th!

Take full advantage of this passage of Venus, because it combines with Saturn on the 20th to comfort feelings and cement the couple in a sustainable way … It’s time for eternal oaths!

In September, for the sign of Libra, love has little place in your life: the return finds you determined in your projects and little available to the romance.

Moreover, you have been quiet on this point since last month, where Saturn has laid a solid foundation: you can count on the faithful attachment of your partner.

In October, things have been going on since the happy events of September: loves grow and social life is animated, until the 13th, you are always euphoric and release a strong magnetism.

After the 25th, Venus emphasizes the link with a close woman, who gains in intensity; the relationship that was born last month is gaining strength and passion.

In November, love is a long calm river.

Your concerns and your interests are mainly domestic: it’s about giving your couple the coziest nest to flourish.

Until the 21st, you spend a lot of energy in this direction to transform, develop, or move. And until the 27th, you can enjoy the result of your efforts and take a few days of deserved vacation, warm under the duvet.

To end the year 2020, in December, love knocks on your door: all the second fortnight is under the wing of Venus, the great lover.

The family holds the place of honor from the 21st with happy unforeseen events around the 29th.

Money and Luck
In January 2020, you have a fruitful month, provided you avoid a few pitfalls.

Until the 10th, beware of the enthusiastic outbursts that can blind you to the financial difficulties and weaknesses of a project: avoid risky investments on 8/9.

From the 10th, you redouble energy and you are determined to take action. Go between 12 and 22; multiply the steps, interviews, studies to grow your project.

You are advancing by leaps and bounds! On the other hand, beware of the 23, which conceals a misstep, a setback that can put everything in question.

From the 29th, you will climb again to success, which will be consolidated in February, when you will have a promising month ahead: the energy spent in January is bearing fruit and the first eleven days are propelling you forward.

Some will literally go on stage, others will be featured in another way: it is a period of realization and affirmation quite remarkable.

After the 11th, you will be too busy with your love life to be of any efficiency; it also seems to cause some tension from the 20th, or simply an increase in activity to make up for lost time.

In March, if your affective life leaves you with the time and availability, you have a wonderful chance to make a spectacular comeback.

It could go through an association, a contract. Until 5, however, walk on eggs: if you are too impulsive, you could make an error that would make you miss the mark.

Avoid the epidermal reactions around the 3, but go for the 12.

A beautiful month of April is emerging, you are still expanding.

Focus on contracts, agreements, and associations the first ten days; they will be born under a lucky star if the conclusion is made on the 8th day of the New Moon.

Until the 17th, you will enjoy a magnificent energy that will make you want to move mountains.

No obstacle will repel you. At the end of the month, exciting returns come to you from an operation outlined last month, which bears fruit on the 28th: a contract insight?

In short, you do not have a second to lose in April. You have before you a month of May overall satisfactory.

You are engaged in an intense activity until the 15th, aiming to organize, rearrange your work or give the last touch to a project that you must present in June.

A short week of vacation would be welcome between the 10th and the 18th, where you will not have the mind at work, and then go back to school on the 20th, your training, or an activity related to the media, culture or abroad.

In June, a month half-fig, half-grape. It begins with a beautiful day, conducive to the most rewarding agreements.

Then enjoy a few days of tranquility to prepare for the period from 12 to 26, which promises to be tiring.

Stress, rivalries, even attacks more or less frank await you, match between the 11 and the 16 of miscommunication and the last ten days of less motivation, which is understandable.

The surroundings of 26, in particular, announce violent clashes with a professional partner, probably envious of your privileges or your success.

From the 28th, Mercury soothes the atmosphere, through a friend or support that comes at the right time.

In July, the projects have the wind in their sails: keep your eyes fixed on the future! Write down the ideas that come to you the first five days, and start implementing them on the 23rd, it’s your best day to make an important decision, acquire a property or start a long-term job.

You are entering your most constructive period of the year 2020: everything you put in place between mid-July and mid-October will have a fruitful impact in the future.

August is definitely not a month to work: loves love you too much, at least after 16. Before that, you will certainly be caught by an acute activity, even more, or less bitter struggles, some opposing your projects with virulence.

The dogs’ bark, the caravan passes: persevere despite the perfidious attacks, it is you who will win the victory.

September will be an interesting, fruitful, constructive month. Get up and running from the 20th: before you could just as well prolong your holidays, there is not much going on in your sky.

The last ten days, so are excellent. Saturn pushes you to embark on an ambitious and long-term project in which you can fully utilize your skills and experience.

You will have to modernize the way you work if you want to be at the top of your performance. if you are late for cyber modernity!

Friend Libra, in October 2020, the entry of Saturn in a friendly sign is good news: it announces a consolidation of your situation during the months that follow.

In October, however, you will hardly get a professional response. Take advantage of the first fortnight to set the stage: projects can begin to emerge or at least deepen.

The New Moon of the 3rd and around 8 will be the most fertile: trust your intuition!

The last week seems to bring to the news a dispute in early September: be careful, because the case could last until next January if you do not put up with it.

In November, you will not be remarkably efficient at work: you cannot be everywhere and you will be busy at home.

It is possible, however, that March forces you to take care of unpleasant business, consequences of a rivalry or a management problem going back to the end of the holidays.

The case is not at the end of the race: you will have to wait until next January to file the file. In December, you move slowly but surely.

Until the 11th, then again after the 20th, contacts, steps, and commercial transactions are on the front page; your interpersonal skills are wonderful!

You’ll hit every shot, especially around 3, 7 and 21, your most constructive and rewarding days. You end the year in style.

In January, you are in Libra overall. Mars gives you good energy until 9; you would benefit from experimenting with a new diet or a new therapy for the next ten days if you feel down.

All is well from 19. You start the month of February in good shape, but the period from 6 to 20 you find tenser or more fragile: it is in these moments that viruses attack!

Reinforce your field: a magnesium cure at the beginning of the month, for example, would be a good idea, perhaps?

You are in good shape in March, especially from the 20th, when Mars increases your vital energy and puts you in step with the spring and its surges of sap.

In April, needless to say, you are on a small cloud and your shape is excellent.

Until 17 especially, you release a rare vital force: it is the moment to put you back to the physical exercise before the summer if it is not already done.

The dance you know is your favorite area when it comes to moving. In May, good general shape. You radiate the joy of life. March invites you to take your health in hand: it’s a good time to start a diet or resume good eating and physical habits.

Enjoy the beautiful days to detoxify your body with fresh fruit juice and limiting fats and starchy.

In June, the period from 12 to 26 may be trying for some: cultivate relaxation, exercise to circulate energy in a harmonious way. Watch for the risks of infection, intoxication.

In July, you will have every reason to rejoice: Neptune loses its strength while Saturn enters your panorama.

The result, you gain in strength, resistance, endurance. On the 22nd, you can see the first signs … In August, Saturn is now well implanted in your sign, you feel a solid rock.

Endurance sports do not scare you. Wait anyway the second fortnight, where you will be more serene.

At the end of the term, you are on a cloud and you are doing well: your vital optimism increases your strength and resistance; however, the second half of the year shows signs of nervous instability.

Be careful, avoid excess and make a magnesium cure in case of nervous disorders. And drink more.

In October, supported by Saturn for three months, you feel rock solid and in perfect agreement with yourself.

All conditions are met for a perfect physical and moral balance. In November, Saturn strengthened your defenses, you are solid and in harmony with yourself, especially if you feel that you meet an intimate requirement of originality and personality in your work.

Between the 5th and 15th, however, take care of yourself. Excellent vital reserves in December. Solid and quiet, you are confident in your resistance and your self-healing faculty.

What works in favor of your physical and moral equilibrium is your ability to distance yourself from the constraints or worries, and your deep faith in life, rekindled by Neptune.

First Decan
During the first half of January, you will find the air of time wildly exciting. Something motivates you (already), this beginning of the year makes you gray, you will be the queen of the initiatives or a project electrifies you …

It’s good to be able to invest in rather exciting issues. During the second half of February, it will be rather chores, stress, and co. The stars will have consulted to put you on the teeth and everything will be an excuse to warm your blood. During the first half of April, do you believe all permit, let you go to some impulses: the period will be rather permissive.

During the first twenty days of July, Mars in Aries will agitate you, irritate you, you will lose your patience and zap the diplomacy in passing. The muscular atmosphere in perspective … From August 2020, do not wait for adventures hectic but do not fear the tile! The sky of this second part of the year will be rather of the kind “nothing important to declare”.

Second Decan
In 2020, the frustrating Saturn will have left the place and it will cause you wind of liberation (a period of decompensation?). But is this really a reason to give in the overbid, show your teeth a little too often, overestimate your abilities, enter the power games and/or want too much?

It will, in any case, look like your little ones from February to mid-March, then again from mid-July to 20 December. Remember that with Jupiter’s disagreement in the atmosphere, racing is not (well) play and dark is not winning! For the cooler periods, learn that during the last ten days of January, there may be a challenge in the air.

The planet Mars in Sagittarius easily arouses enthusiasm and will leave you overflowing with energy. Similarly, during the second half of April, forget more often the “as usual” and the “right way” because Mars in Aquarius is a bit farfetched and that under his influence, you will not miss originality and fantasy.
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Third Decan
It is a bit choppy (and surely complicated) this year 2020 because the severe disagreement of these planets in Capricorn does not have a good reputation and will tend to put many things into question. It is necessary from time to time to make a great household in one’s life, to understand where all these dissatisfactions come from, to put one’s finger on it and to accept some destabilizations.

It saturates, it explodes then it turns upside down … but in the end and even if you lose some of your benchmarks, it will allow you to leave the best foot in a much healthier context. We can fear the funny turbulence of the second half of March, the period mid-August to mid-October and especially the second half of December.

But there will be at least two periods less hindered: during the first 20 days of February, do not play the timorous! Thanks to the intrepid Mars in Sagittarius, you will have the sacred fire to make a few swings. During the first half of May, there will surely be ways to emancipate yourself, change your tune and regain real freedom of action.