Do You like Chewing Gum it has benefits and advantages

As children we were told that sweets and candy could destroy our teeth. However, chewing gum does the opposite. If you have a habit of chewing gum after a meal, or when you are bored, you will be glad to know that this habit has amazing benefits for your health.

girl chewing gum benefit

To know exactly where it benefits us to chew gum, take a look at the following points.
Amazing benefits of chewing or chewing gum

Increases mental capacity

Chewing gum increases brain activity in several ways.
A group of psychologists, has discovered that chewing gum can help us improve our memory. A study carried out separated two groups of people and had them examined. One group was given chewing gum while the other did not. The results showed that those who chewed gum made the best grades. This increase in memory may be associated with the motion of the jaw when chewing. When we chew gum, our hippocampus is stimulated. The hippocampus is the part of the brain that plays the most important role as far as memory is concerned.
In addition to improving our memory, chewing gum also improves blood circulation to the brain as chewing gum accelerates our heart rate resulting in a greater arrival of oxygen to the brain.

Reduces stress and tension

Chewing gum can help fight stress and anxiety. A study carried out showed that students who chewed gum during exams tended to be more attentive and focused. This is because the chewing gum helps us deal with the stress we often associate with that of the exams. In fact stress is not the only negative emotion that chewing gum can alleviate. Chewing gum also helps us a lot when we are irritated or frustrated.

Contributes to weight loss

If you have in mind to lose weight, or are on a diet, you’ll be glad to know that chewing gum can contribute to weight loss. The next time you feel like snacking between hours, or having a sweet dessert, try replacing that something with chewing gum.

The chewing gums contain very few calories so they are ideal to take between hours when we get the urge to snack something. The act of chewing together with the taste of chewing gum will help us fight those impulses of eating food high in fat and calories.

Improves oral health

As children we were told that sweets and candy could destroy our teeth. However, chewing gum does the opposite. If you tend to suffer from oral problems such as bad breath, or gum infections, chewing gum can help you fight the symptoms. When we chew gum, our production of saliva increases. Saliva is the most important factor that our mouth has to maintain good oral health. Saliva has antibacterial properties and is able to get rid of possible food debris, sugars or acids that can remain in the mouth after a meal. It has also been shown that sugar-free gum is effective in protecting the enamel from our teeth. In fact, chewing sugar-free gum reduces the likelihood of tooth decay.

Improves digestion

Chewing gum (or gum) can help improve our digestion, as long as we chew the gum after meals. When we chew gum, we swallow more often because of the excess production of saliva. This helps to keep the digestive acids in the stomach and prevents them from rising in the form of reflux, vomiting.

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