Love Horoscope of Aquarius Today 22nd December 2018

Love Horoscope of Aquarius Today 22nd December 2018

This day resonates like the beginning of a new cycle. Very nice moments heart because you do everything to make your half appreciate your company. In short, you make sure as a chef!

Love Horoscope As a Couple: Your duo gets stronger through new projects or visions for the future. You understand yourself without even having to speak, you are on the same wavelength. All the ingredients are there to bring a taste of renewal to your relationship. A real horoscope of aquarius today 22nd december 2018

Love Horoscope As Single: It may be that your friends (or friends of your friends) gravitate a lot in your sphere and that an acquaintance turns into a romantic relationship. You will please, that’s for sure, and your charm is ravaging. The stars in your sky emit their emotional rays so that everything succeeds you. Magical !

Mars in splendid aspect should make you happy, especially when it is seconded by Venus, the goddess of Love. For loners, there seems to be a big crush in the air. If you live as a couple, a candlelit dinner can help you find the complicity and joy of living on your honeymoon. If you live a secret or delicate story, now is the time when the situation could finally clear up.

Very nice astral configuration, in your sign, this Saturday. If you have some emotional setbacks, it’s a good day to try to improve things. Venus makes you charming, attractive and quite attractive.

Neptune sends you a piece of luck. While you are a couple or single, enjoy this trine to return the situation to your advantage. Singles, who have no one in their life, could well enjoy a nice surprise, but it will be rather late in the day.

By Mary Emma

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