Love Horoscope of Virgo Monday 24th December 2018

Love Horoscope of Virgo Monday 24th December 2018

With Neptune’s blessing well-attuned, there will be agreement between you and your partner, especially if you’re not stingy with soft words and refined looks. Always be tolerant and conciliatory. If you are single, far from enjoying yourself in solitude, you will lead a very active social life and, thanks to the support of the planet Mercury, you will have the opportunity to make promising encounters.

The Sun in opposition to the Moon is likely to create some relationship tensions in your relationship. This will be the time to address small disagreements, to take stock by going beyond the conflict if horoscope of virgo 24 december 2018

Favor the positive discussion by trying to find maximum compromise. Single: no time to meet. However, nothing is impossible, and some natives will manage to emerge from the game in the days to come.

You adopt an attitude in line with what is expected of you. The Moon is adaptable, even elastic. You do not approve, however, of what is happening. Why not go into resistance? Your relations will be much brighter.

As a couple: If you tell your spouse the opposite of what you think, it will be difficult to follow you. You tend to advocate an attitude and hardly stick to it. It is only the reflection of the Moon, it pushes you to duality. Try to find a unit of time and place!

Single: Between the two your heart swings, maybe you have two loves or two desires? It’s double-edged. Make sure your gift of ubiquity does not turn against you. You would have to suffer, rather than twice, the thunderbolts engendered by your ambiguous attitude.


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