Love Predictions Today July 5th, 2022

The transit Moon conjunct Mercury unites your thoughts and feelings so that it is very easy to become sensitive to places, memories or other things that are emotionally important. This feature will win you many friends who enjoy a close and genuine emotional bond. Your personality also benefits from your level of openness in sharing your feelings, and this earns you respect and friendship.

On the negative side of the Moon conjunct Mercury, you can find an apathy to take an interest in things that you don’t feel emotionally attached to. There is also the possibility that thinking rationally about your close emotional attachments will be hindered by your strong feelings, which you somehow turn into prejudices.

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Venus in Leo likes to brag about their love relationship. You can be demanding with your partner because you love being courted and have a need to feel special. Warm and generous, the Venus in Leo is very loyal, although from time to time you enjoy the attention of the opposite sex. With Aries in the 7th house, you are usually an active and dynamic person, who attracts the attention of others with that restlessness that you show. Your main goal is to get active cooperation from the partner within the relationship, and to build a strong, long-term home.

After all, they will tell your partner about all the flirtations you want to show off to get attention with the opposite sex, most likely the flirtations are harmless. However, if your partner is innocently flirting with someone, watch out! Venus in Leo will not be happy about it. A person who moves towards the goals set in your mind in an active way and with a firm desire. The stability in the couple will depend on the hard work and the constant activity that you dedicate to the relationship. But in general the intention to build a strong relationship with your partner is important to you.

With Venus in Leo you have high expectations of your love partner, as long as you know that your attention is on them, you are very generous. If your relationship seems boring or worn out, you may feel threatened. Being treated indifferently or impersonally also makes you feel insecure. In marriage, experiences considerable stress. Therefore, you need to feel full confidence in your life partner. Generally, this aspect makes you a loyal person to all the laws in force and to the commitments you have made with the person you love.

The Moon conjunct Mercury makes you emotionally sensitive and you can easily become anxious when under pressure. Intense drama can trigger such emotional anxiety and lead to rapid mood swings. Even in a normal state, you may be subject to emotional swings. It is simply vital for you to learn to understand, and overcome, your recklessness, both in battles and in marriage. However, your strong temperament is manifested in true fearlessness, the way to shine, nobility in relationships even with enemies, and also in honesty in dealing with sentimental relationships.

You may need to remind your partner from time to time that your feelings matter too. If you feel jealous, you should talk about it, because above all communication is important. Rational jealousy can claim that you still find him attractive. You are in love with that first stage of love when two people can’t get enough of each other and you want it to last forever. In marital relationships, could make you very impulsive and quite frivolous. Also, you are inclined to promise a lot to the partner. It even happens that you turn to threats or pressure in order to get what you want. The reason for all this is mistrust of you as a partner. You just do not trust yourself, therefore you need to learn to be attentive and patient.

You are affectionate and loving. You can hold on to a relationship much longer than you should because you have involved your ego in it. With Venus in Leo you are a born romantic and you love to play with your emotions. If you don’t have self-confidence in love, you might be good at faking it. You love being given the royal treatment you deserve on a date. Today you must be filled with true self-esteem and a high level of ego. There is a great need to establish harmonious marital relations, but your character can lead to rather precipitous marriages at a very young age. This rarely works out because the relationship hasn’t really matured and you don’t know what you really want and what you really need.

With Venus in Leo you like to be in the spotlight and you don’t like to be isolated. You have such a temperament that allows you to take charge and shine in any social circle. You have a great imagination in love relationships. You have a great will to live, which guarantees a life of fun, romance, and excitement. The transit Venus square to Uranus gives an interesting life as a couple. Issues involving commitment in close relationships may arise from a strong need for personal independence. You are not bound by traditional social or moral norms that apply to marriage and intimate relationships in general.

You like to live lavishly and demand attention from your partner. You have a cheerful and outgoing personality that attracts many friends and potential loves and lovers. You don’t care too much about what other people think of you. Because Venus in Leo makes you only win from being happy. Star gives a type of personality, who wants to find a strong partner, and if you find one, this force begins to interfere with you, because, above all, you love peace and harmony. If you really meet a suitable partner, then life will become rich and bright for you. This will happen, because you seek associations and co operations that are important for your personal stability.

Venus in Leo likes to show off and be the center of attention. For now you need to know that you are attractive and appreciated. Your partner must show you how much he cares about you through his pampering and attention. You like to be social and part of the crowd, so be prepared to spend time away from home and enjoy the fun in the world. With Venus square Uranus, it is not only the need for freedom that this aspect generates in you, but also the need for simulation and excitement that can cause instability in your relationships. Stimulation and excitement go hand in hand with change, the watchword for Uranus.

Pleasing Venus in Leo means paying close attention to them. In love relationships there must be conditions where you feel the center of attention at all times. That your partner does not dare to look at another person when he is near you. For now you must come first in life, before family, before everything. Your ego can be very high with this look. Although speaking of your attitude towards love, this need for freedom mainly affects relationships, but it also applies to your values and beliefs. Venus rules love, money, and how you value yourself. To maintain a healthy self-image, or to truly love yourself, you must express the spontaneous and electric nature that Uranus normally generates, but be very careful not to hurt anyone.

So you could be on a pedestal and that your lover does not take his eyes off you, what you want with this aspect is to feel important for that person you love. With Venus in Leo you enjoy receiving gifts all the time, after all, you have already been showered with gifts, but you would like more. If your partner tries to make a habit of buying something for you everywhere he goes, even a small souvenir, he will have you at his feet. Initially, you may have a tendency to try to fit in or live up to your partner’s expectations. However, boring friends or husbands would hinder your style. You don’t like to be tied down or suffocated by love. Enduring such a relationship would cause a bad image of yourself. You could react impulsively, hitting the table or the door on the way out.

With Venus in Leo you want a stable, committed and loving relationship, complete with a happy family and a beautiful home to be your castle. It is lit by luxury and good taste. Your idea of relationship is one of happiness and harmony today. With Mars sextile the Sun it also makes you enjoy a strong libido and be physically and sexually attractive. This strong aspect in its graphics reveals more than a good part of the sexual gods and goddesses. So it’s time to please the body, always responsibly.