How to make a Natal Chart, Components of Natal Chart

How to make a Natal Chart, Components of Natal Chart in Astrology

One of the questions that comes to us is how a birth chart or natal chart is made, what does it and what the creation of the letter consists of.

It is always better that the astral chart is performed by an astrologer who can not only make the letter but also interpret it.creating own natal chart

There are programs and sites that can make an astral chart. To realize it, that is to lower it to a map, is simple, just putting the date of birth and the hour can be made. The theme is interpretation because this interpretation is so complex that no program can imitate a real person to watch and observe the trends that are given on that map where the destiny of a person is written.

How the natal chart is made, what are the things, which consists it?

When we give the date of birth and time to an astrologer what this professional does is through a table called astrological ephemeris to see where the planets were at the time of our birth. This is very important, the astrologer using these tables will determine exactly the degrees in which the planets traveled by a certain sign.

The most important planet for making the birth chart is the sun. This will give according to its position, what is commonly called the astrological sign of a person.

The sign of the person represents the personality of the person, ie where the sun is, it will give a personality type and will be highly influential in the character of a person. In doing the calculation the astrologist will see the degrees, because according to the degrees in which the sun is in a sign will also be different characteristics.

When we see a complex horoscope we are told about the first decan or second decan of those born under such a sign these differences have to do with the degrees in which the sun is. Since according to grades people will have certain characteristics.

Another important fact in the preparation of the birth chart is where the moon is, since the moon represents the person’s mother as well as her affectivity and all her emotional world. So that the astrologist can speak to the consultant of these aspects looking at which sign is the moon.

Combined with the signs and position of the planets in them, is the ascendant. The ascendant is on which sign ascended the sun at the moment of the birth of the person, this ascendant varies with the hours so it is important to make a natal chart know the exact time of our birth. Given the ascendant that is interpreted as that in which the person will be transformed over time and that gives very deep patterns of behavior, also the ascendant will organize the different houses of the astral chart, since where the ascending falls, it will be the first house .

The combination of the system of houses with signs makes the astral chart very complete, each planet combined with the houses and signs will mean something specific, which gives the astrologer many elements to interpret the natal chart.

Here we leave this short and concise article for what you glimpse a little of what is the natal chart or astral. There is much to tell about it, here a brief rapprochement.

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