The makeup tones that favor you according to your hair color

The makeup tones that favor you according to your hair color

If you have no idea how to make up or just want to innovate,  You are in the right place!

makeup with haircolor

Next we are going to explain what colors are better according to your hair tone, whether it is natural or dyed (because it is not true that the hair color that touched you at birth is the one that best fits your face).

If your hair color is dark brown or black

The darker hair tones can take risks and use intense colors, but can also have fun with lighter ones.

You can try different shades of smoked or simply bet on an eye-liner. But if there is a perfect tonal range for these hairs are violets or plums, both in eyes and lips (never both at once).

If your hair color is medium brown

Add light and color to your skin. How? Very easy. Buy yourself an illuminator and some sunspots and dedicate yourself to shine.

If you end up with some rouge with some peach or soft pink on your cheeks, you will be radiant.

If your light brown hair color or you have mechas

The perfect color for these hairs is the peach, so dedicate yourself to find the perfect blush for you within this tone.

All you need is to apply this color on the roundest part of your cheeks and go. If you want to tan a little your skin, first apply the tanning powder and as a final touch the rouge.

If you are hair color it is red or you are natural redhead

Going from the cherry to the chocolates (which pull reddish) should play with colors a little more neutral, but it is not bad idea to add some pink hue.

If you want to get it right we advise you to bet on well-made eyes and neutral lips. By this we do not mean that your eyes combine with your hair.

A good example of makeup would be to mix a champagne tone, with a soft mint and a touch of bronze. Be careful, these colors contrast with your hair and you will look great.

If your natural tone tilts towards orange, the best option is a coral pink to flush your cheeks, and an orange-red for your lips. Forget to paint your eyes, we do not want to divert attention from your precious hair and your lips, with a little mascara you will have enough.

If your hair color is blond

The golden color of your hair tends to turn off your skin, so the perfect touch is a little blush on your cheeks pink.

For your lips use a neutral color that stores brown, peach or pink, but not too strong, because you run the risk of getting lost in it. The same goes for the eyes, do not overdo it, especially during the day.

For a night look, use soft colors such as pink, gold or light brown. To finish uses a brown mascara, it will give you light.

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