Is Mark Zuckerberg preparing to run for US president?

The question that opens this article does not pose me, but has been a recurring theme in the US press and in Silicon Valley since Mark Zuckerberg, creator and current CEO of Facebook, announced at the beginning of the year what would be his purpose for 2017. From reading a book every week in 2015 and creating his own virtual butler in 2016, in 2017 Zuckerberg has come to consider as a challenge visiting the 50 US states.

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“After a tumultuous year, my goal with this challenge is to go out and talk to more people about how they are living, working and thinking about the future,” Zuckerberg explained in his announcement, which referred to how technology and globalization Had made us “more productive and connected” but, in turn, “for some people has also made his life more difficult”, so he wants to “hear more testimonies this year.”

Indications that point to Zuckerberg’s interest in presiding over the US

Are all these speculations based on what Zuckerberg has made a purpose for the new year about traveling more? Not quite. At Vanity Fair they point to several indications in addition to their future trips that, according to them, could mean that Zuckerberg wants to appear, or at least is posing:

Last year, Facebook sent a report to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) that it was envisaged that in the future Zuckerberg would decide to take a “voluntary” discharge to serve in a position for the Government.
Zuckerberg had always declared himself an atheist, but now he has changed his speech and says that “religion is very important.
He did not attend the meeting with Trump, unlike the rest of technological leaders. In his place was Sheryl Sandberg.
David Plouffe, former head of the Obama campaign, now works for the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative. He is not the only politician who does it (and there are not only Democrats, but also important Republicans, like George W. Bush’s former campaign chief).

They also say that the general consensus in Silicon Valley is that Mark Zuckerberg will introduce himself and cite various testimonials from people close to him, although his theory is that it will be in 2024. By 2020, Zuckerberg will be 36 years old just completed, one by Above the minimum age required in the United States to be president.

“If Zuckerberg decides to run for president in 2020, no one who has been paying attention will be surprised,” they say in The Atlantic. Again, I insist that for now everything is speculation, about which Facebook has not wanted to pronounce despite the insistence of the various media.

To all this we should add the interest that Zuckerberg himself has been showing during recent years with messages and political statements. After the victory of Trump, the young founder of Facebook published a message of optimism in his profile in which he asserted that “creating the world we want for our children” is something “more important than any presidency” and in which he called People to “work even harder” to get it.

At the moment, and despite the rumors, Zuckerberg has not wanted to get into the subject and continues to share the chronicles of his travels in his Facebook account. The first state he has visited has been Texas, where he has met with community representatives and the Dallas Police Department, as well as a glimpse of his new datacenter (of which 31% are former military personnel) And attend your first rodeo.

“To be someone who will never run for president, Mark Zuckerberg does seem to be someone who is going to run for president someday” (Nick Bilton, Vanity Fair)

Just this week Bloomberg published a full report on who is really behind the Facebook account of Zuckerberg. Yes, possibly no one thought that Zuckerberg was carrying his own profile, but according to Bloomberg the CEO of Facebook has a complete team to manage his page (from publishing things to having more than 12 people to moderate their comments).

And, as you can appreciate from the photos of the updates we referred to earlier, they are not shoddy photos that Zuck or his companions take with their phones. Among the companions of the head of Facebook are usually professional photographers. Charles Ommanney, who among other things covered the Syrian refugee crisis for The Washington Post, is one of them.
Travel to small villages, own public relations team, professional photographers who accompany you anywhere, No one knows if Zuckerberg will actually be introduced to president in 2020 or in 2024, but what is sure is that the CEO of Facebook if Is behaving like someone who might seek to be a candidate in the future … or someone who is not clear but for now does not rule out being a candidate.

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