Microsoft Windows 10 will be updated before the ending of 2017

Microsoft confirms a second major update for Windows 10 before 2017 ends

Honestly, I do not usually keep in mind the updates that have to arrive on operating systems, but with Windows 10 it is something easier to be up to date due to its importance in the market. For those who are in my situation, I think this news will come well, we can refresh that is what has to arrive before the end of this year.

windows 10 update

The mid-term goal is for Windows 10 to be updated in April – at the latest – with an update called ‘Creators Update’, which is already in development tools, and is being tested by Redmond company insiders . What comes next? Well this year there must be another leap for the better.

At an event in Australia, the software giant Microsoft Ignite has revealed that the second update will come months later, but that its “production date” or actual market launch will take place sometime in 2018.

Also keep in mind that the capture of the slide that we see is aimed at business customers, so there may be slight temporary changes in regards to their general deployment. The full content is in the video that we share at the end of the story.

In short, what we have to stay is that there will be a second step with news – for Windows 10 – before the end of the year. On this version there is no detail that we can advance.

If you want info about ‘Creators Update’, in Genbeta we have been following all the news. For more official details I think we will have to wait for the Build 2017 (May 10-12).

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