Miniature Robot can jump climb and move like a small dog

Minitaur is a four legged robot that jumps, climbs and moves on any surface ice, stones or snow

We usually teach you robots of Google and Boston Dynamics, with the most active in this to create creatures that move quite easily for the amount of mechanisms that make up their bodies. But they are not alone also it is necessary to give their moment of glory to companies like Ghost Robotics, that also is not far behind with its projects.

jumping robot

The company based in Philadelphia has an important project that we taught in the past, is called Miniature, and it is summarized a quadruped robot capable of doing crazy things: jump and scale, and I think it does too skillfully for what we are Accustomed to seeing in a robot.

But it is especially good when it comes to moving on uneven surfaces, as you can see in the new video we share. In fact the intention of our news is to update the news that there is with Ghost Minitaur: the robot went out to take a good walk outside, as if it were a dog.

Each leg has the sensors and electric motors necessary for the robot to run at a maximum speed of 2 meters per second, or jump to a height of 48 centimeters. He is so skillful that he can climb fences, even open door knobs.

Looking for their limits they have taken it to a cold place, with ice and snow: in the first case it happens something worse to have to solve quickly the slips. In the video we can check how now you can move to two legs, very impressive this and interaction with other robots.

In the first information we had about Ghost Minitaur, it was said that it could have a price of around 1,500 dollars, once it occurs in mass, but there is a lot of road and patents to go.

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