How to modify the Blogger menu and give it best design

How to customize the blogger menu

Today’s post is related to the designing of the Google blogger. New people mostly start with the blogger platform to create their blogs. Here we will learn the basics to customize or modify our blogger menu that can be helpful for attracting the people on your blog.

blogger menu design

In blogger you can change and modify the menu so that it is better integrated in the design of your blog in a very simple way.

  1. Go to Template and click the Customize button
  2. In the menu on the left choose the option Advanced
  3. Now look for Tab Text options (to change the text color, typography and font size of your menu) and Tab Background to choose the background color of your menu.

If you do not want to appear the dividing lines between each of the menu options we will go to: Advanced / Add CSS and now you have to copy and paste the code line below in the white space that appears to the right.

.tabs-inner .widget li a, .tabs-inner .section:first-child ul, .tabs-inner .widget ul {

To finish save the changes, you have to click on Apply to the blog and you already have your personalized menu in blogger.

If you want to give a more artistic touch to your menu you can integrate it with your header in a very simple way. e.g. Let’s add some ornaments to the top of our pink menu.
These ornaments at the top of the menu are added in our header image.
That is to say you have to make a header for the blog in whose bottom are the ornaments or shapes that you want to appear integrated in your menu.

For example to make my menu come out with the semicircles at the top. If you feel any difficulty you can contact us in comments section.

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