Monkey : Daily Chinese Horoscope Saturday 13th July 2019

Monkey : Daily Chinese Horoscope Saturday 13th July 2019

1- Love
Thanks to the support of the star Thien Khong, you will be able to better face the realities of life together. You will avoid idealizing your partner, assigning him qualities that he does not have. And you will take care to consolidate your marital ties by basing your relationship with your loved one on mutual authenticity, esteem and respect. Singles, ephemeral adventures will have little attraction for you. Well, know that you will have a great chance to make a decisive match in the near future.

2- Money and Luck
With this aspect of the star Thien Khong today, you will be interested in looking at your accounts. In the financial field, improvidence and carelessness may cost you dearly.daily chinese monkey horoscope 13th july 2019

3- Health
This planetary atmosphere will make you worry about your outward appearance – your look. You can undertake a large fitness exercise. Look after your skin first. Then do physical exercises; it will be a good way to lower your sugar and cholesterol levels and, at the same time, to strengthen and refine your body.

4- Work
You will have enough enthusiasm and courage to undertake projects and pursue interesting ideas. But be careful not to disperse too much, because “running several hares at a time does not catch any”. Know how to conserve and focus your energies.

5- Home and Family
If you wish to change your residence, take advantage of the beneficial influences of this day to prospect. Make firm commitments, without hesitation, if you find something that seems right for you.

6- Social Life
Politics, social affairs will fascinate you. So, whatever job you do for a living, arrange for a side event that allows you to work with others to change the world.