Monthly Horoscope of October 2020

Monthly Horoscope of October 2020

Start the season of Libra giving you great stability, a quality that the symbol of this sign represents very well. Both at work, in friendships, and especially in love, it is time to take steps forward. Do you want a raise? Prove now that you deserve it. Do you feel like you need to meet new people? Use all the social networks that you have at your fingertips for this. But do not delay too long, because on the 13th the Mercury Retrograde season begins and it will make your plan again a stony path.

Libra’s season is that of love. That said, it may be that on the 13th the irruption of Mercury Retrograde causes some drama with an ex. Block it and focus on your ‘crush’, or go directly from this stop and get off on the 22nd at Scorpio station because then the vibrations will be very ‘hot’. Read Full Aries Monthly Horoscope October 2020monthly horoscope of october 2020

Venus (your sign’s favorite planet) in Virgo is sending you fabulous ‘bouquets’ of roses and spectacular sex. Enjoy this moment because the arrival of Scorpio on the 22nd will bury you at work. Your days from 9 am to 6 pm will be 25 hours a day, seven days a week. Read Full Taurus Monthly Horoscope October 2020

You feel closer and closer to your partner, congratulations! However, the joy is not going to last long. Mercury Retrograde will circulate office gossip (and not especially the good ones) until Venus enters Libra on the 27th. Take a deep breath and think that you have fought in worse places before. Read Full Gemini Monthly Horoscope October 2020

Venus in Virgo illuminates you in everything related to the world of communication. So this month you will get lots of ‘matches’ on Tinder, spectacular networking, and valuable professional connections. In short, you are becoming the most popular girl in your class and that must be celebrated, don’t you think? Read Full Cancer Monthly Horoscope October 2020

After having worked hard during September, you are finally making money. Give yourself a tribute by buying a treat for yourself or to decorate your home. And from the 22nd, take things easy. The arrival of Scorpio will make you have to focus on your home and your family. Read Full Leo Monthly Horoscope October 2020

Venus will be at your house for most of the month. It is a good time to change your look, shout with all your might “I love you!” “And flirt with whoever you want. If you are single, Scorpio will bring you contacts that you should at least value from September 22. These days life is beautiful, why not make the most of it? Read Full Virgo Monthly Horoscope October 2020

Don’t let Venus in Virgo spoil the good vibes of your birthday, even if it puts an ex you hate in your way. Have fun now, because the arrival of Scorpio with the onset of autumn will make you focus your energies on working and earning money as if you had to pay an urgent ransom. Read Full Libra Monthly Horoscope October 2020

Out of shyness or laziness, this month you will act like a truly introverted person. Despite this, you will be able to add new ‘BFF’ friends to your group of friends, the kind that is forever and with whom you will want to celebrate your birthday this rare year. Go thinking about the gifts that are about to fall. Read Full Scorpio Monthly Horoscope October 2020

Mercury Retrograde will make ex-boyfriends and old friends pop up like mushrooms. Your first impulse may be to kick them out of your life, but first, listen to what they have to say. If you see that they are still as bad people as when you left them, leave them behind and dedicate yourself to the people who love you. If not, you can even give them a try. The second parts weren’t always bad. Read Full Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope October 2020

Thanks to Mercury Retrograde, you are finally going to realize that when your friends mess it up brown, you too end up in tremendous trouble. Maybe cutting off those relationships will make you a little nervous, but don’t think twice and do it. They do not suit you nor do you feel identified with them. Sometimes you have to be brave and this is one of them. Read Full Capricorn Monthly Horoscope October 2020

You have been working hard and now you only have a little left to achieve what you have proposed, be it a promotion or a raise in salary. However, Mercury Retrograde will make you have to wait for something else. Do not lose heart, soon you will. And don’t be depressed. In the rest, luck smiles on you. Read Full Aquarius Monthly Horoscope October 2020

Get ready to vibrate because this month everything related to your intimacy is activated, so that your current partner, be it your boyfriend or a ‘recent crush’, will get much closer to you. Take advantage of the situation and try to get something new (erotic game perhaps?) Into your bedroom. It will be fun. A little word of the stars. Read Full Pisces Monthly Horoscope October 2020

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