Mother feeding: How to know if I have enough milk

How do I know if I have enough milk?

In principle, all mothers are capable of producing enough milk.

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The following signs show that we are producing enough milk, and that the baby is able to empty the breast:

  • The baby breast more than 8 times a day. The baby is active.
  • The shots last approximately 5 to 30 minutes.
  • The chest is healthy, the shots are not painful.
  • The rise of milk is usually present around the 3rd day of life. The baby can get hooked, and the breast drips milk.
  • The baby is pink.
  • The baby is calm and relaxed while taking, and happy after each shot.
  • The baby gets wet and messy diapers. During the first week, it is usual to do as many bowel movements as the baby has.
  • The baby is heard to swallow from the 3rd-4th day of life.
  • The baby begins to gain weight from the 3rd day.

Most signs of milk production are indirect, that the mother produces milk and that the baby is able to take it. If we are not sure that the baby is drinking milk properly, we must check it by weighing it on the same scale every 2-3 days.

The most common cause of difficulty is weak suction.

When there are difficulties, in most cases the cause is a weak suction on the part of the baby, so the first step would be to remove milk and give it to the baby using the finger-syringe technique, which does not interfere with the suction to the breast.

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