Mothers pregnancy diet can cause allergies in Child

Your diet in pregnancy affects the appearance of allergies in your child

Motherhood is undoubtedly one of the most special stages of life; But as the months go by – and the belly grows – some discomforts arise, among them, the muscular pains and the lack of sleep.

To do this, the industry has designed cushions, mattresses and pillows so that the woman in pregnancy can rest comfortably, thanks to a proper posture at bedtime.

pregnant mother

These things are characterized by their size, anatomical design and manufacturing materials that provide freshness and well-being.

Body support. Pregnancy pillows, for example, the “U” pillow, allow the mother and baby to have a comfortable rest, in addition to other benefits such as support for the stomach, neck, arms, back and legs. By hugging them and being in a fetal position, your spine and hips will line up and you can relax to sleep.

Improves circulation. Doctors usually recommend expectant mothers to sleep on the left side; But there are movements and postures that affect the circulation. However, several studies report that women’s heart rate tends to fall when using support elements such as cushions and specialized pillows for use during pregnancy.

Hypoallergenic. Hormonal changes can lead to all kinds of reactions, from skin irritations to respiratory problems. For this reason, it requires that all this type of elements from quilts to stands and pillows are manufactured with hypoallergenic materials, the same in bedding.

Stimulate your deep sleep. Some studies indicate that elements such as pillows and correctors of posture in pregnancy help to reconcile in a deep and faster way as they minimize cramps and ailments. Similarly, they help you to keep the baby in an optimal position during the last weeks, which will facilitate delivery.

Other uses. These elements do not necessarily have to be left out when you finish your pregnancy, they can also serve you in the process of breastfeeding your child. In the case of the pillow, if you use it the right way, will help you to create a support for your baby to feed it, so your body will rest on it and will facilitate breastfeeding.

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