Move apps and files to your SD card on Android

Move apps and files to your SD card on Android

One of the advantages of Android devices (tablets and phones) compared to iPhones and iPads is that they are not limited in terms of data storage by their internal memory, as they have an entry in which to insert an SD card to follow Saving photos, videos, songs and even applications and other data.

moving app to sd card

But it is not always as easy in practice as in theory, and sometimes there are applications that are not copied to SD memory or do not store data well in that second memory.

Below we review the most demanded, and sometimes problematic, tasks to manage files and data between the internal memory and SD card in Android.

Check SD card status on Android

When our Android device can not read the SD card is possible due to the poor state of it.

Or simply that you do not have the insurance disabled. Look at the small tab on the side and make sure it is unlocked according to the label, which varies by manufacturer.

It may also not be activated. From Android, go to Settings> Device> Storage and tap Activate SD card. From there you can also deactivate the SD card.

Another possibility is that the SD card is poorly formatted or contains a problematic file system. The fastest solution, although you will lose the data saved in it, is to delete the SD card. Simply go to Settings> Device> Storage and click on Delete SD card.

Move or copy files to an SD card on Android

Typically, if the SD card is placed on the device and activated, the corresponding apps usually save large files there, such as pictures or videos.

To make sure, you can go to Settings> Storage and in SD Card you will see a graphic or a numeric code of the free space and occupied in what type of files you use the card e.g. applications, images, videos, audio, downloads.

By default, Android at most lets you delete those files or save them to the Google Cloud via Google Drive. In the second case you will need to download and install the official app. In the case of photographs, you can opt for Google Photos, which in addition to copying them to Drive allows you to edit them.

To delete files, go to Settings> Device> Storage> Manage storage> Clear space and select each item by checking the empty box.

In case you want to move or copy the files, instead of deleting them, from the internal memory to the SD card in Android, you will need an ASTRO or ES File Explorer tool.

There are for all tastes and serve to see the content you have stored both in the internal memory and SD card, move it, copy it, share it or upload it to the network.

How Move big apps to an SD card on Android

Another big problem that we can find is that some application takes up too much space in internal memory, especially apps that we use a lot like WhatsApp, Facebook or Twitter or games, which are usually large in megabytes.

You can usually go to Settings> Applications and when you click on an app, you will see a Move button to the SD card. The most popular apps usually allow this option and will save you space in internal memory.

And if any app resists you or gives you problems copying it from the Android settings, try a file explorer like the ones I mentioned before.

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