New Nokia 3310 the latest features and differences from old phone

Seven things you can do and seven that do not with the new Nokia 3310

It seems a lie that a phone that appeared about two decades ago has been the great news of what we have of Mobile World Congress. The new Nokia 3310 was one of the most anticipated surprises of the presentation of this company that has allied with HMD to manufacture their devices, and the result has been without a doubt very striking.

new nokia 3310 display

The new Nokia 3310 takes advantage of the legendary device that sold over 125 million units worldwide and reuses it in a feature phone that although inherited part of the virtues of its predecessor, also comes with some unique novelties. This is what you can and can not do with your new Nokia 3310.

The Nokia 3310 Vs. The Nokia 3310: so are its specifications

Comparing a device that was released in the year 2000 with another that did 17 years later should make it clear which of the two devices is more advanced, but the truth is that at hardware level, although there are obvious differences, things do not change so much Old Nokia 3310 to the new Nokia 3310.

That is in an easily recognizable but more stylized format: the new Nokia 3310 is very similar in height and width but is almost half as thick as the product that was introduced in 2000. There are doubts regarding durability and strength Of this new version – in Nokia have not extended in this area – but we do know that for example both the physical keyboard and removable battery return that were classic characteristics of the so-called ‘feature phone’.

Where there are significant changes is on the screen, which gives the jump from low resolution monochrome to a full color screen with a QVGA resolution that we could qualify as fairly decent for those 2.4 inches diagonal. Here the premise, as in the original phone, is to save battery, and although it will be necessary to see how it behaves in real life, it is clear that the autonomy of this device will be much longer than that of traditional smartphones.

With the new Nokia 3310 also returns the Nokia Series S30 +

There are other obvious differences, and one of them is the operating system that governs this terminal, the so-called Nokia Series 30+ which is actually a software platform and application interface developed by MediaTek for the old Nokia phones.

As explained in Wikipedia, S30 + does not support J2ME (Java) applications, so the application catalog is small. We can for example make use of a browser (Opera Mini), and there are applications like Bing Search, Facebook, or GroupMe available in this platform.

Its usability, however, will probably be modest. In a way we have before us terminals similar to the Nokia 230 that Microsoft introduced in late 2015. This platform allows us to access some of the features of modern smartphones, but with many limitations.

Thus, we can play music in MP3 format and take photos, and also access games like the legendary Snake, which, yes, has been adapted to the new times and this screen with an improved version. The Nokia Store application store from which it was possible to download mobile applications from this manufacturer closed its doors in 2014 to give the witness to the Opera Mobile Store, but it is still unclear if this store will be available for the new Nokia 3310 and what We can find in it.

Things you can do with the Nokia 3310 and things you can not do

These specifications hardware and software and the data that Nokia has offered on this reissue of its legendary 3310 make quite clear the features that will offer these devices, and then reveal some of the things you can do with the new Nokia 3310 … and other Which you probably can not do.
What you can do

  • To play Snake: the old Snake appears adapted to the new screen, resolution and color mode of the new Nokia 3310, so if you want to recover the hobby for this legendary mobile game, you can do it without problems since it has been one of the arguments Clear of this relaunch.
  • FM radio and MP3 music: unlike the original Nokia 3310 the new model does offer support for FM radio and also an MP3 player that allows with a Micro SD card for songs we can enjoy our music in this terminal thanks to the connector Headphones integrated.
  • Surf the internet: the pre-installation of Opera mini allows users of the new Nokia 3310 to surf the internet. Beware, because the 2G connectivity offered by default will make this experience inadvisable unless we navigate through “light” pages. It is not clear if it is possible to take advantage of the Bluetooth connectivity of the Nokia 3310 to do tethering with a mobile that provides a connection with better bandwidth, but of course, that would cause us to have to carry two mobiles, something that does not seem to make much sense when What is intended with this device is to have a mobile that could almost be considered “battle.”
  • Take photos: Nokia wanted to integrate a basic 2 Mpíxeles camera with LED flash that will probably offer very modest results but that could certainly get us out of some trouble.
  • Write messages with physical keyboard: if you missed those physical keyboards of the old ‘feature phone’, in the new Nokia 3310 you can recover the writing of SMS messages
  • Let SMS live again (and GroupMe): as we will see later, this platform is not prepared for instant messaging applications like WhatsApp, something that will cause us to have to go to SMS for this type of scenario. In the Series 30+ platform there are applications such as GroupMe that offer an alternative to SMS, but it remains to be seen if the Nokia 3310 can access it.
  • Changing the battery: The 1,200 mAh battery of the new Nokia 3310 will give us many joys in autonomy thanks to the reduced consumption of the terminal, but if we need to recharge it we can use removable batteries – we have a Micro USB charging port – or even carry a Additional battery for the Nokia 3310 in the pocket (much thinner and smaller than the conventional external batteries) and change it when we need it.

What you will not be able to do

  • Treat it (so) bad: if there is something that reminds us of the 3310 is because it is an “indestructible” phone, but this time perhaps we have somewhat more fragile devices. The screen and materials of the new Nokia 3310 will have to validate that claim, but a priori the manufacturer has not highlighted any virtue in that area of ​​durability. Beware of treating them (so) wrong, therefore.
  • Nothing WhatsApp: The star messaging application is not available on the software platform on which the Nokia 3310 is based, although we wonder if it may be accessible via Opera mini and WhatsApp Web. It seems unlikely, something that extends to some more intensive tools such as social networking clients like Facebook or Twitter. A recent analysis of those Nokia 230s that are so similar to the Nokia 3310 left in very bad place the performance of this terminal in those areas, but we will have to check how the 3310 behaves on somewhat more demanding tasks. Be that as it may, it is clear that the purpose of this phone is more to “detoxify” the continued access to those social networks and messaging applications than to enable its use.
  • Connect to WiFi networks: these mobile phones do not offer WiFi connectivity of any kind, although we do have the support of the Bluetooth 3.0 standard that perhaps would give access to a tethering to enjoy a better internet connection when using Opera mini, for example. Again the logic tells us that what Nokia was looking for with the absence of WiFi connectivity was precisely helping us not to use both the mobile.
  • Use many apps (Android, iOS): The application catalog for the Nokia Series 30+ platform is much more limited than that offered by Google Play catalogs or the App Store, so again it is clear that these devices will have Much more limited resources when accessing certain services and applications.
  • Videos and YouTube: although you can enjoy FM Radio and MP3 music player, there is no YouTube application, and it is probable that Opera mini and hardware resources also do not allow to play video in a fluid way on this device, 240p screen also does not seem the most suitable for this task.
  • Goodbye to GPS: for good (privacy, among other things) and for evil we do not have GPS support either. No maps or location on these devices, which can certainly be liberating and confirms the Nokia 3310 as a device much closer to the feature phones than two decades ago to modern smartphones.
  • Only 2G networks: Mobile network connectivity has also been limited to a device that will be available in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Pacific (including India, one of the key launch countries) and the Middle East where 2G networks still Used extensively. No 3G or 4G networks for a device that is clearly focused on a much more similar use to the pre-era “smartphon” era that started with the iPhone.
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