New Tesla Model S for the competition Electric GT

Racing in circuit with electric cars? Yes, we already have the Formula E, and in a short time we will enjoy a competition with vehicles of streets ‘transformed’ called Electric GT. Those cars are going to be the best known model of Tesla Motors, Model S, as we had presented to you a few weeks ago.

But the thing has changed significantly since we received the first information, and is that the organization had decided that the basic model to carry out the transformation had to be the P85 +, but no, the one that are going to take to the races is the Top version of the catalog, the P100D. This car is already a monster without touching too much its parts. A competition with electric cars with 778CV running at 250 kilometers per hour.

electric gt a p100d on road

The new car is all-wheel drive and has a much larger battery, indicated by its name: 100kWh. Their looks and specifications have been presented these past days at the Autosport International Show in Birmingham.

If we stop to see the base of the Model S P100D with the update ‘Ludicrous Plus’, we speak of a car capable of making 0 to 100 km / h in less than 2.4 seconds. The fastest production car, which is not a supercar, and which could be won in benefits with only lightening the interior.

Electric GT believes that cleaning the car inside, preparing it with rubber, brakes and special shock absorbers, would leave that acceleration close to 2.1 seconds. The weight would be 2,250 kilos, which are about 500 kilos less than the standard version.

When will we see it in action? For by the end of the year the Electric GT championship will start to tour important circuits in Europe and America. There will be ten teams with 20 drivers that will have 60 kilometers of race day, and another 60 kilometers at night. Before this they will have 20 minutes of practice and a qualifying session of 60 minutes. To reduce the weight in 500 kilos leads to lower the 0 to 100 in almost half a second.

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