Nintendo finally reveals the technical details of the Switch

What is Nintendo Switch and its technical details

Nintendo is a specialist is to tell their news to eyedroppers, and we are living with the Nintendo Switch where little by little we have been learning things about the new console. In its official launch earlier this month, we were able to learn more about the Switch, its Joy-Con controls, as well as part of its game catalog, but many of the technical specifications were saved for another occasion.

unboxed nintendo switch

Today the site of Nintendo in the United Kingdom has updated the section of specifications to finally know more about the next console of Nintendo. The bad news is that the section CPU and GPU, which is the most is causing debate between followers and non-followers, is still a mystery.

Nintendo Switch Dock

In this new section we can see all the details of each of the elements that will come with the Switch. First we have the Nintendo Switch Dock, which will have dimensions of 104 x 173 x 54 mm and a weight of 327 grams. The rear has a cover that is disassembled to give access to the connection ports, while in the front only we have an LED that will indicate the connection to the television.

In the part of the connectors we have the one that goes to the electrical current, HDMI output, and a USB, which will arrive with support to interface 2.0, but according to the same Nintendo will be able to support 3.0 in a future update for the console. Finally, inside the dock we find the connector for the console, which does not specify the format but we intuit that it is USB-C.

Nintendo Switch console

As for the console, the dimensions are 102 x 239 x 13.9 mm with all and the Joy-Con, weighing 398 grams when the controls are placed, since without them the weight will decrease to 297 grams. As we already know, the screen is 6.2 inches on an LCD panel with 1280 x 720 pixel resolution, and the internal memory will be 32GB with the possibility to expand up to 2TB with microSD and microSDHC cards, as the microSDXC will be compatible more Forward by means of an update.

The console does not have Ethernet port, so if we need to use this connection we will have to purchase an adapter separately. In connectivity we have WiFi 802.11 a /b /g /n /ac and Bluetooth 4.1, which will only work in TV mode. It is worth mentioning that in this mode the maximum resolution of the console will be 1920 x 1080 and 60 fps.

When using the Switch in handheld and tabletop mode we will have stereo sound through its two front speakers, but having it in TV mode will be able to offer 5.1 channel PCM sound via HDMI. The battery is 4310 mAh and charges in approximately 3 hours via USB-C in sleep mode. As we had already seen, the autonomy will be around 6 hours, which will also depend on software.

Finally, the console also has its own sensors, so we find accelerometer, gyroscope and lighting sensor.

Joy-Con, their belts and the Grip

As Joy-Con had already spoken in depth, we will only mention the new details that Nintendo is presenting, which confirms that the right controller will be the one that has NFC for compatibility with Amiibos, as well as the IR camera. While the left will have a button dedicated to the screenshots.
The 525 mAh battery will have an autonomous average of almost 20 hours, while the time to charge it will be about 3.5 hours. Here it is necessary to emphasize that to load the controls it will be necessary to connect them to the console, that in turn must be connected to the electric current, or, to acquire separately the Grip with functions of load.

The Joy-Con belts will be an extension to the controls where the goal is not to fly. The attractive part is that as we will see in the images, it is not a matter of simple straps, but of a device that is inserted in the rails of the controls, besides that they give ergonomics and extend their functions, as in the case of some buttons and led lights.

Finally we have the Joy-Con Grip, which will allow us to hold the Joy-Con as if they were a single control. Its measurements are 101 x 144 x 40.1 millimeters and its weight is 97 grams. This Grip will come included with the console but does not have the load functions for the controls.

Interface and functions

We had already seen some screenshots of the interface that will have the Switch, but now Nintendo lets us see a little more of it, as well as three of the menus that we will have at our disposal.

First we have News, where we will be announced the most relevant news of the company, such as launches, trailers, among other things. Then we have the ‘Nintendo eShop’, which as you will know is where we can purchase content for the console as digital games and demos. And finally we have the ‘Album’, where we find all the captures we have made of our games.

Also, we see three more icons, which we suppose will be for the configuration and link of the Joy-Con, general configuration of the console, and the shutdown, in addition to the top we see the profiles, where it seems they will finally be to our reach in a simple way.

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