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Nissan X-Trail 2017

The Nissan X-Trail is an all-terrain body model that measures 4.64 meters in length. It can have five or seven seats, front or full wheel drive and manual or automatic transmission. In January 2017, Nissan added a new diesel engine to the range, which is made up of three engines in total. Two Diesel, one of 131 hp for 26 950 € (version dCi 130) and another, which is new, of 177 hp for 31 750 €; The rest is of 163 hp petrol and is for sale for 25 350 €.

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The X-Trail is between 2175 and 3575 euros more expensive than an equivalent Qashqai and supplements, in some way, the gap left by the Qashqai + 2. Its body is 27 centimeters longer than that of a Qashqai, 1.4 cm wider and 10 cm higher. The wheelbase is 6 cm larger. With respect to Qashqai + 2, it is 10.2 cm longer, 4 cm wider and 5 cm higher (the wheelbase is, curiously, 5.9 cm lower; comparative tab).

The 177-horsepower Diesel engine (available from January 2017) may be a great option to consider for those who are going to make use of all the X-Trail’s carrying capacity, which is a lot (it has up to seven seats) . It does not run as smoothly and quietly as the 131 hp and also consumes more, but its useful range of revolutions is wider and moves the X-Trail with much more agility.

If on the contrary the use that is going to give the car is not so demanding, the 131 hp engine may be more advisable because it provides enough benefits to travel normally, consumes little fuel and is also less expensive. The gasoline is notably softer and quieter than the two Diesel, has a wider range of useful revolutions and accelerates faster, but its fuel consumption is noticeably higher. The X-Trail is a comfortable car on the highway and fast tracks because the suspension has a rather soft adjustment.

The standard gearbox is manual and has six ratios. For diesel versions there is a choice of a continuous drive automatic called XTronic which, in certain circumstances, has an operation that is similar to an automatic torque converter. With the upgrade from the early 2017 range, this change is available with front and full-wheel drive (previously it was only with front-wheel drive).

Nissan’s all-wheel drive system gives it the name “ALL MODE4x4i”. The versions that carry it have a control in the console with three positions (image): 2WD – exclusively on the front wheels, 4WD – automatic distribution of the torque between both axles, reaching a maximum of 50% to the rear wheels- And LOCK – fixed torque distribution 50% / 50% between the front and rear axle (this function is automatically deactivated from 40 km / h). The connection between the front and rear axle is made through a multi-disc clutch, whose degree of coupling is controlled electronically.

The passenger compartment can have up to seven seats in three rows of seats. According to our measurements, those of the first two rows are wide and allow to travel with relief, but the two of the third (whose seats can be stored under the trunk floor) are very small, only valid for children or adults of short stature during Short journeys. The design of the dashboard is practically identical to the one of the Qashqai; There are wide surfaces of fluffy plastic materials, although the adjustments between the different parts are improved. More information on interior prints.

The most affordable Nissan X-Trail Diesel -dCi 130 4×2 Visia and five seats- is on sale for 27,100 euros, while the Honda CR-V 1.6 i-DTEC 2WD Comfort (120 hp) and the Toyota RAV4 150D 4×2 Business (150 hp) are for 25 550 euros (comparative tab). The starting price of the seven-seat Diesel versions is 32 475 euros, notably higher than that of a Mitsubishi Outlander or a Hyundai Santa Fe and similar to that of a KIA Sorento (comparative tab).

With the new diesel engine of 177 hp is available from 31 750 €, price corresponding to the version of front-wheel drive and automatic transmission Xtronic (datasheet). At equal level of equipment, traction system and exchange rate, this version is 1350 € more expensive than the 131 HP (comparative tab). In front of its main rivals it is in an intermediate position, as can be seen in this comparative list.

There are four levels of equipment: Visia, Acenta, N-Connecta and Tekna (from less to more equipped). From the Visia level, the following elements are included as standard (among others): 17-inch alloy wheels, rear-view mirrors with electric adjustment, air conditioning, luggage compartment divider, speed programmer, Bluetooth and CD radio with USB device input .

Elements such as fog lamps, electrically-folding mirrors, climate control with dual temperature control and front and rear parking sensors are added to the Acenta level. At the N-Connecta level are standard 19-inch alloy wheels, panoramic glass roof, traffic signal recognition system and the central seven-inch screen. Finally, in the Tekna level they are standard leather upholstered seats with electric adjustment, headlights with LEDs for short- and long-range lighting functions and the parking assistant. In this comparative tab you can see the price difference between different levels of equipment.

You can have equipment items that premiered on the Qashqai. For example, the above mentioned headlights or the “Smart Protection Shield”, which includes the warning due to inadvertent change of lane, the vehicle detector in the blind spot and the presence of an obstacle in motion when reversing.

According to our insurance comparator, the company that offers a cheaper all-round policy for a Nissan X-Trail dCi 177 with the N-Connecta equipment level is Nuez Seguros (318 euros per year). The borrower is a man of 42 years, with more than 10 of license, who lives in Pamplona, ​​travels about 20 000 km a year and park in a community garage.

The 2014 X-Trail replaces the 2011 model (more info), which was a model renovation that went on sale in 2007 (more info). The first generation of the X-Trail went on sale in 2001 (more information). In other countries it is known as Rogue.

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