Why do not I agree to let the babies cry?

I do not think it’s good to let the babies cry

This article is not written to annoy, offend or judge anyone for their parenting decisions. Each one raises their children in the best possible way.

Like almost every issue related to child rearing, it is a controversial and sensitive issue, because it hurts. That does not mean we should not talk about it. I wish we could talk openly about this issue and reach conclusions. Surely we would find common ground.

We should not judge or offend ourselves, but try to understand the reasonings of other people, to know other perspectives. I will explain my reasons, without disrespect, and I hope you do the same. Feel free to comment with opposing reasons.

baby crying on bed

The methods of training of the dream receive different names, since different authors attribute to themselves the invention or description of the same, you know them, right? These authors say that they are based on scientific articles, and this is bluntly false. Health authorities recommend breastfeeding on demand and the collection, do not recommend letting children cry or lock them, no, no, no.

All these methods follow the same pattern, determining a time of crying tolerated by the parents, which is progressively increased until the child stops crying after a few days, because he learns, internalize, even if he cries, his parents They will remain indifferent to that crying.

With this progressive training, the baby is expected to sleep through the night. This hinders breastfeeding, which should be on demand day and night, and can affect the weight gain of babies, since breast milk is very caloric, of course much more than fruit or porridge. vegetable.

It is also intended that the baby sleep alone, in another room. And this goes against the recommendations of official bodies, which claim that the collection and / or cohabitation decreases the risk of sudden death, favors breastfeeding and helps the mother rest.

Crying is very stressful for children and parents. During crying, stress hormones increase in the child, which permeate all of their small forming organism, and can affect the development of the baby’s brain.

Stress is associated with aggression, insecurity and passive behavior. The child learns that when he has a problem, his parents do not come to help him. What a great loneliness.

In fact, learned helplessness, insecure attachment, and disorganized affective relationships are a problem. It is not normal for your baby to be the same as you are or not, it is not normal to ignore you, to be aggressive with you. You learn to love by giving love.

And I do not know what’s worse, whether to let a 6-month-old baby cry who does not understand you, or a 3-year-old who recognizes her discomfort and asks her parents. In some books Estivill says that the method is not recommended for babies under 6 months, then said in an interview that the method was not recommended for children under 3 years. But the book still sells.

Some parents describe their experience with sleep training methods as terrible for themselves and their baby. And they did it because it was written in the blessed book and they believed it. If they find out that he has recanted, they will feel cheated. But the book is still on sale.

Parents often worry about children’s sleep because most babies and children wake up many times during the night. We have been selected this way for many millions of years. The babies who woke up the most at night stayed with their parents and were safer. Because their body worked better, because they had less sudden death during sleep, because they lived more.

Adults like to sleep accompanied, but we force children to sleep alone before they are ready for it. And they do not understand the absence of parents when they need them.

Babies learn to sleep little by little, and over time, they wake up less often and go to sleep better. They are only a few years, which can be difficult or tired, but from which you all learn. Children learn that their parents will always be when they need them. They learn to love and to be loved.

  • Methods of training sleep are not beneficial to children.
  • The methods of training sleep are not respectful.
  • Letting your child cry will not feel right.
  • Your baby will learn to fall asleep on his own over time.
I am Mary Emma born in 1996 and have been working as a full-time blogger since 2010. The socio-familial context led me to the area of Sciences and universe attending the Astrology course. But her philosophical inclination inclined her to the territory of Astrology, Psychology.